Massachusetts Daily Collegian

Another summer, a new world

By Eli Gottlieb

April 21, 2011

“Spring is here, spring is here. Life is skittles, and life is beer. I think the loveliest time of the year is the spring. I do. Don’t you?” These  are Tom Lehrer’s lyrics for, “Poisoning Pigeons in the Park,” and...

The long-term price to pay

By Melissa Mahoney

April 20, 2011

As graduating seniors prepare to walk this May, many of them step toward an uncertain future. With the Bureau of Labor Statistics pinning the unemployment rate at 8.8 percent as of March, the job market can be a daunting place....

Unemployed? Try South Korea

By Rachel Dougherty

March 20, 2011

With graduation looming, student loans about to activate like time bombs, and the U.S. economy still in rehab, many American college graduates are seeking employment in an unlikely place: South Korea. South Korea is quickly...

I’m a senior, now what?

By Naychelle Lucas

November 7, 2010

Senior year, week eight: The leaves have changed from green to amber brown and you’ve rescued your jacket from the back of your closet. Your UMass daily planner that was so perfectly organized at the beginning of the semes...