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Calling all confectionary creeps: sweetening the deal with kids

By Eleine Fang

October 27, 2011

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Editor’s friendly reminder:  This article is written in the name of humor. Please try not to be a criminal. To all the creepers and criminals looking for a way to make use of that old white van waiting in the...

Spook-tastic seasonal drink special effects

By Ashley Berger

October 27, 2011

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What could be more frightening than finding an eyeball, a tooth or a worm in the drink that has just been handed to you? There are a variety of simple ways to create creepy special effects for that extra bit of “boo!” on H...

Cream of the crap: horror movies so bad they’re good

By Dave Coffey

October 27, 2011

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Horrible scary movies are a dime a dozen. The Halloween season rolls around and suddenly everyone who took a film production elective in college thinks they can capitalize by throwing together a slapdash horror flick or add...

Thrills and kills on “The Walking Dead”

By Kevin Romani

October 27, 2011

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One week after “Breaking Bad” signed off with its season finale, “The Walking Dead” returned to fill the void on AMC. The extended season two premiere titled “What Lies Ahead” serves as a perfect microcosm for everything the series has to offer. “Dead’s...

How to prepare perilously perfect punches

By Ashley Berger

October 27, 2011

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Every Halloween party to remember needs a tasty punch, so the trick to this treat is to make enough of something that everyone enjoys and can drink copious amounts of without feeling queasy. Here are a few recipes to satisfy d...

Hockey hosts No. 13 Boston University on Friday

By Michael Wood

October 26, 2011

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The Massachusetts hockey team’s first true home-and-home series of the season begins on Friday as the Minutemen clash with Boston University at the Mullins Center for the first of two games on Halloween weekend. Students and fans alike can look forward to the typical costume c...

Cooking on Campus: Halloween Butterfingers

By Samantha Gillis

October 26, 2011

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Every October candy corn creeps its way back on to the shelves in enormous amounts only to disappear completely a month later not to be seen again until next fall. So what do you do with it? You can only eat so much candy corn before the nausea starts to set in, though I push tha...

Sexy Halloween not so fun

By Samara Abramson

October 20, 2011

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It has been a stereotype on college campuses all over the country, for I’m sure much longer than any of us students can remember. As explained in the movie “Mean Girls”: “Halloween is the one night out of the year when...

RAs unhappy with their role this Halloween

By Billy Rainsford

October 20, 2011

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Editor’s note: The columnist is a Resident Assistant. Ah, Halloween. It’s one of the most exciting, fun and memorable events of the school year for any college student. With New Year’s Eve falling during winter vacation, St. Patty’s Day during spring break, and Ci...

Scare therapy

By Victoria Knobloch

October 5, 2011

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It’s October again. The cold weather triggers grim memories that act as prophesies. Fall in New England has never been a happy or easy season for me, and as long as I remain far enough north for the leaves to turn orange, it...

Halloween Costume Do’s and Don’ts

By Kim Giordano

October 27, 2010

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Walking through the Halloween store, searching for a costume this weekend, I grew increasingly depressed and exhausted. Why were my main choices a sexy nurse, cop, or schoolteacher? Now, I’m not the biggest feminist but I s...

Special Issue: Halloween 2010

By Staff

October 26, 2010

Filed under Culture, Lifestyle, Special Issues

The Collegian Arts and Living section breaks down all things spooky, from best costumes to favorite halloween cocktails to scary places on campus.  Click on the pictures to see the .pdf images of the six pages.   ...