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UMass to house all students who requested an appointment

By Katie Landeck

April 16, 2012

Despite cautions from Residential Life earlier in the spring semester that it might be unable to guarantee on-campus housing to all interested University of Massachusetts students, ResLife has announced that it will house the...

Residential Life to keep Peer Mentor program for 2012-2013

By Collegian News Staff

March 16, 2012

Peer mentors will still have a place in some first-year dormitories next year, according to an email sent to current peer mentors and apartment living assistants by Assistant Director for Learning Communities Anjali Cadena. There...

ResLife changes housing selection process

By Katie Landeck

March 7, 2012

In an effort to help alleviate some of the anticipated difficulties caused by a projected on-campus housing shortage next year, Residential Life has made some changes to its housing selection process, according to Executive Director...

PCP: The Right to Housing: Aspiration and Reality

By Staff

October 14, 2011

Housing is a right. I say this not as a claim to a natural state of humanity or as an observation of law. The right to housing is an aspirational demand, a strategy for political organizing and a rhetorical tool for combatting the mass evictions facing working and m...

PCP: Somes Rights are Wrong

By Staff

October 14, 2011

How can anyone stand modern Americans? We are a bunch of corporate jerks – makers of nothing – with an overwhelming sense of entitlement. You find this entitlement in more places than just where we keep the silver spoons and the adoption agencies for sterile-yuppie p...

Dormitory Doldrums

By Merav Kaufman

October 14, 2011

Upon one’s transition from high school to college, the world seems to over-turn itself: your personal living space is reduced to 100 square feet, cafeteria food becomes a gourmet dining experience and it seems to rain at least three days a week. Most notably, u...

Not enough UMass housing to meet demand

By Katie Landeck

September 5, 2011

Due to a high demand for on-campus housing and large freshmen and transfer classes, University of Massachusetts Residential Life has been forced to create 200 economy triple dorm rooms and has denied 257 transfer students housing,...