Massachusetts Daily Collegian

The Land of Opportunity

By Suyash Tibrawalla

April 4, 2013

A 2011 USA Today article by Jon Swartz stated that when the U.S. economy was desperately trying to create as many jobs as it possibly could, Kunal Bahl, who had formerly lived in the United States, was generating almost 70 jobs a month in I...

UMass Poll analyzes Gun Control, Minimum Wage, and Immigration.

By Jaclyn Bryson

March 27, 2013

A recent national poll at the University of Massachusetts has found a general bipartisan consensus regarding the federal minimum wage, strong support for a ban on assault weapons and a general over-estimation of the number of illegal immigrants who enter the country annually, according to a Uni...

Don’t give us the “piecemeal,” give us the whole thing

By Nathan Fatal

December 4, 2012

Last Friday, the House of Representatives passed the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics  Jobs Act (STEM), which is intended to increase the number of visas granted to foreign students studying in the fields in American schools. It’s also designed to appeal to Hispanic vote...

Fatima Shama addresses crowd about issues surrounding immigration

By Jaclyn Bryson

October 16, 2012

All eyes were on Fatima Shama at the Student Union Ballroom last night. The Commissioner of the New York City Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs asked those  who were born outside of the United States to stand. She ask...

NYC commissioner of immigrant affairs speaking tonight

By Chelsie Field

October 15, 2012

What’s your story? What’s your future? These are questions that Fatima Shama, commissioner of immigrant affairs for New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, will address in her talk “Immigration Nation: Past and Futur...

Art exhibit symbolizes border between

By Brian Canova

April 21, 2011

From afar, bicyclists slow as they inch up, peer around the corner and disappear behind the fence while disrupted foot traffic files in and out one by one. They approach what appears to be a construction site and hear the sounds of Native American ceremonial hymns, with the clankin...

Remember what Lady Liberty stands for

By Roy Ribitzky

November 8, 2010

“Overrun by foreigners.” That was the overwhelming response by Germans in a recent survey charting attitudes towards immigration. Looks like the immigration debate isn’t just heated south of our border, the debate is hotly ...