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Kathy Forde’s Cole Lecture focuses on the role of journalism in racial justice

By Rachel Walman

October 9, 2015

Kathy Roberts Forde did not try to hide anything at the beginning of her lecture Thursday afternoon. “The United States was founded on the ideals of freedom and equality, but it was also founded on a system of racial caste...

NPR editors talks about changing media

By David Barnstone

April 19, 2012

Mobile devices, such as tablets and smart phones, are changing the landscape of journalism as National Public Radio digital news managing editor Mark Stencel knows it. “Mobile is a different place for us to play,” said...

Campus political lackluster

By Josh Steinberg

February 22, 2012

I will start by saying I am not trying to assert myself as a political junkie who meticulously follows every aspect of the political realm – although I may as well considering those I am about to compare myself with. More often...

Journalists discuss covering controversy at Penn State

By Staff

December 1, 2011

Christine Brennan asserts that within reporting a groundbreaking news story, it’s imperative to stick to morals, and the case of the recent scandal that hit Penn State is no exception. The USA Today sports columnist w...

Alumni Peter Thomson lectures on environmental reporting

By Staff

October 6, 2011

When first assigned a story on hunting in the 1980s, Peter Thomson, the current environmental editor at Public Radio International’s “The World,” thought it would be simple. “I sort of went into it with a set of assumptions...

Pulitzer-winning Weingarten speaks at UMass to journalism students

By Matthew M. Robare

November 9, 2010

Gene Weingarten, two-time winner of the Pulitzer Prize, spoke to an audience of University of Massachusetts students and faculty about his life and forty year career in journalism yesterday in the Cape Cod Lounge. A self-described “shambling wreck of...

A tool for the twits

By Chelsea Whitton

September 23, 2010

In my academic career at the University of Massachusetts I’ve been trained to be objective, and rarely do I have such a strong opinion on things that are supposed to benefit the academics and specifically the field I’m studyin...