Massachusetts Daily Collegian

What we all should know about BRIC

By Julian del Prado

February 11, 2014

BRIC – that is, Brazil, Russia, India and China – is a subject that is becoming more and more relevant in world affairs. But what sets these countries apart from the rest and why should the average American care about them?...

President Obama and the Middle East

By Julian del Prado

November 13, 2013

President Barack Obama has seen his share of crises in the Middle East, from Libya to Egypt to Syria, but to understand the consequences of his decisions, one must compare the interests of the United States to what was actually...

The government shutdown: A retrospective

By Julian del Prado

October 29, 2013

Now that the government has reopened, we can all rest easier knowing that the Affordable Care Act will only be scrutinized once it has been put into effect. Looking back on the actions taken by the Senate and by the House of Representatives,...

US Army developing ‘Iron Man’ suit

By Julian del Prado

October 15, 2013

Just days ago, the United States Army called on industry, technology and government alike to aid in the creation of a new weapon: the “Iron Man” suit. The Army wants to get their hands on exoskeleton technology in order to fa...

Americans along for the ride

By Julian del Prado

October 1, 2013

Following a stunning three weeks of good news, the government shutdown has reared its ugly head. Ted Cruz, junior senator for Texas, spoke on the issue for 21 hours in the name of de-funding Obamacare, and we grow perilously close...

What exactly are we celebrating after vindication of Syrian “red line”?

By Julian del Prado

September 17, 2013

After several months of confusion and deliberation, Syria has agreed to give over the entirety of its chemical weapons to the international community. Through the combined efforts of the United States and Russia, the international “red...