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The time for great change is upon us

By Matt Brown

November 30, 2012

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Students, maintenance employees, Democrats, Republicans (for those of you that are still among us), zombies, werewolves and truck drivers. I have come to you, in this time of oppression and struggle, with an issue that must be...

10 More Sites that Your Homework Hates

By Ashley Berger

November 2, 2010

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The internet is filled with thousands of websites waiting for you to stumble upon, so I decided to create a second list of even more websites that will help you procrastinate and learn more useless information 1.

Top 10 YouTube Videos

By Ashley Berger

October 27, 2010

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We've all been there. It's 3 a.m. during finals week, you have a Stats exam at 10 and where are you? On, obviously. In honor of mostly everyone finishing up midterms, I have decided to compile a list of 10 of the best...