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Tips for Staticky Hair

Tips for Staticky Hair

February 25, 2014

Six ways to sport a scarf

By Lauren Tom

November 20, 2013

Surviving this year’s chilly weather will be easy with a scarf, one of winter’s most basic essentials. Scarves are a go-to accessory that will leave you feeling warm, cozy and chic. Thanks to the different ways that you can wear a scarf, your fas...

Warm up your style this season with a trendy hat

By Lauren Tom

October 29, 2013

With the year’s first snowfall close on the horizon, it’s time to pull those winter clothes out from the back of your closet. Hats are one cold-weather essential that can add warmth and easy style to a brisk day. Thanks to...

Shoes that won’t leave you saying ‘Ugg’

By Lauren Tom

October 1, 2013

As the season changes and the weather gets chillier, girls are pulling out their trusty Ugg boots. Tired of these generic Australian slippers? Ready to replace those sheepskin boots with shoes that are equally comfortable but...

Androgynous style is easy

By Lauren Tom

September 18, 2013

The fashion industry has always been about bending and breaking boundaries with different looks. This is why the androgynous look is rapidly gaining popularity and turning heads as a new wave of trends inspired by masculine fashion...