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“Metropolis” still gets its standing ‘o

By Brian Canova

February 22, 2011

Eighty-four years ago in Berlin Fritz Lang’s “Metropolis” debuted to lousy reviews and poor reception from audiences and critics alike. This past Sunday at the Academy of Music Theatre in Northampton, screened with the ac...

Classic film ‘Metropolis’ gets new look, sound

By Brian Canova

February 17, 2011

Using 13 differently tuned horseshoes, 157 plumbing pipes, pots, pans, junkyard findings, musical saws, as well as accordions, clarinets, keyboards and drums, The Alloy Orchestra will perform live at the Academy of Music Theatre in N...

Metropolis: 80 years old and still ahead of our time

By Austin Dale

September 21, 2010

courtesy Amherst Cinema Let’s talk about a film. The story is not terribly complicated. It concerns two races. A lunatic steals the resources of a group of people for power and financial gain and his civilization comes to live off th...