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Empty Chair for president

By Lawrence De Geest

September 26, 2012

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Ladies and gentlemen of the Democratic and Republican parties, thank you for being here tonight at this unprecedented gathering. Mr. Eastwood, thank you for the introduction. Give us a smile. My fellow Americans: we ar...

Not redistributing the wealth, redistributing the growth

By Zac Bears

September 19, 2012

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Common political parlance refers to many government programs as being redistributive. Think of the United States economy as a single, large pie of income, GDP. Redistributive government takes a slice of that pie from one person and gives...

An easy choice

By Tim Drugan-Eppich

September 18, 2012

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With most students voting for the first time in a presidential election, it is essential that they be informed or at least have some idea of how important this election is before walking, or stumbling, into a voting booth. With the economy not yet out of the woods, people st...

Tornados, Hurricanes and Global Warming, Oh My

By Claire Anderson

September 16, 2012

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I’m from New York City, home to over 8.2 million people, the Super Bowl-winning New York Giants and the best pizza ever. On Saturday, Sept. 8, during a 50-foot wide tornado with wind speeds of around 70 miles per hour, tourists visited neighborhoods in Brooklyn and Queens. After making their way acros...

Is Romney/Ryan the Golden Ticket?

By Josh Steinberg

September 13, 2012

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There are a lot of half-witted assumptions being tossed around as this election draws closer. There appears to be a lot of people who are ‘die-hard Democrats’ with no clue as to why, other than that’s what their mother told them t...

Paul Ryan’s roadmap to losing youth support

By Billy Rainsford

September 7, 2012

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On Aug. 12, Rep. Paul Ryan was announced as Mitt Romney’s running mate for the 2012 United States presidential election. Known as a staunch fiscal conservative, he has become well-known for his budget plan, the “Roadmap for America,” which he released last year. Ryan...

Ryan rages and misgauges

By Emily Felder

September 4, 2012

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According to that stalwart of the English language, the Oxford English Dictionary, the word "rage" is defined as "violent, uncontrollable anger." I became enraged on Aug. 11 for two reasons. The first reason is obvious: f...


By Jon Carvalho

April 19, 2012

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With all the problems currently raging across the globe – from a North Korean missile launch to the trial of a mass killer in Norway – here in the States the media is of course focused attention on the most important news...

Editorial Cartoon: Super PAC soaker

By Dan Nott

April 17, 2012

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Sigh of relief

By Beau Monast

April 13, 2012

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As the presidential campaign season plods along and presumptive nominee Mitt Romney looks more and more like a sure thing, the big news this week isn’t who’s in, but rather, who’s out. On Tuesday, Rick Santorum declared that he wa...

A letter to Mitt Romney

By Jon Carvalho

March 16, 2012

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This is a letter to all the readers about Mitt Romney. Usually I use this space in the paper for a column about whatever’s been in the news recently, something that’s annoying, inspiring or otherwise interesting information. Bu...

Santorum stands strong in Ohio – now what?

By Nikhil Rao

March 7, 2012

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This time last week, I told myself that Rick Santorum would surely be unable to weather the acid test of Super Tuesday. I told anyone willing to listen to my armchair political ratiocination that Romney’s Super PAC, Restore...