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Leap Year excitement in store for the “Modern Family”

By Samantha Gillis

March 6, 2012

If you’re anything like me, then you didn’t know Leap Day was a celebratory holiday and probably didn’t do anything too exciting to commemorate the day that comes once every four years. Watching “Modern Family” celebrate was a prett...

“Modern Family” ventures in to “Virgin Territory”

By Samantha Gillis

February 27, 2012

Warning: Spoilers! We all keep secrets, especially from our families. On the latest “Modern Family” episode, “Virgin Territory,” everyone’s secrets were revealed. First, my favorite plot of the week, Luke and Manny b...

‘Modern Family’ is back with a hilarious vengeance

By Samantha Gillis

February 12, 2012

WARNING: SPOILERS After a few weeks off, “Modern Family” is back with another of their many great guest stars: Greg Kinnear. While the main cast is great on their own, it’s always fun to see someone else who can match wits,...

Television Continues to Reign Supreme in 2011

By Kevin Romani

January 22, 2012

Over the past decade, a clear shift has taken place between television and film in terms of quality. Television used to be widely considered the lesser of the two media in crafting innovative narratives and production technique,...

A Very “Modern” Thanksgiving

By Samantha Gillis

November 30, 2011

Warning: Spoilers! “Modern Family” made up for not having a Halloween episode this year by having a Thanksgiving episode instead. This was the first Thanksgiving episode from “Modern Family,” and even though we d...

Clowning around with the Modern Family

By Samantha Gillis

November 27, 2011

WARNING: SPOILERS  Modern Family returned after a week off, and the family got together to help out a neighbor after a fire burned down their house. Naturally, Claire spearheaded the project. The whole family is really upset over their neighb...

Tough week for the ‘Modern Family’

By Samantha Gillis

November 6, 2011

WARNING: SPOILERS!  This week on Modern Family everyone is feeling down on themselves. Jay can’t dance, Cam can’t attract women, and Hayley has never overcome a hardship. To say the least, the Dunphys had it ro...

Modern Family: “Go Bullfrogs”

By Samantha Gillis

October 23, 2011

WARNING: SPOILERS!  This week’s episode of “Modern Family” showed us a different side of each of the characters and I, for one, liked it. First, Phil takes Hayley to see his alma mater, though I twas under...

Modern Family in a ‘Hit and Run’

By Samantha Gillis

October 17, 2011

WARNING: SPOILERS “Modern Family” has a specific formula it follows in setting up the show. Each family starts out with their own completely separate story lines that eventually merge together in the last ten minutes of the ...

Modern Family: Door to Door

By Samantha Gillis

October 11, 2011

WARNING: SPOILERS! For the first time on Modern Family we get a look at what the neighbors who aren’t related to our main characters look like as Claire, Cam, Gloria, Manny and Jay all take to the streets in the episode, “Door t...

Modern Family: Phil on a Wire

By Samantha Gillis

September 29, 2011

SPOILER ALERT “Modern Family” was back to its half hour slot on Wednesday night. It’s strange, last week I was considering how good it was that, despite its success, “Modern Family” has remained only 30 minute...

Television season is back

By Kevin Romani

September 28, 2011

Listen in on Kevin's conversation about the fall's most watchable premieres with Collegian writer Malea Ritz in Fall TV Review Podcast The summer season belongs to the movie theaters and cinema, but the fall is dominated by the...