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Frosty Feelings for February on Gossip Girl

By Ashley Berger

February 1, 2011

ATTENTION: SPOILER ALERT Aside from really, really cheesy lines in this episode, overall this week was better than last week. For one, there was way more to talk about, more jaw-droppers and a plethora of WT...

Madness in Manhattan on Gossip Girl

By Ashley Berger

October 25, 2010

SPOILER ALERT Bonjour, mes chéries! Two weeks, fourteen days, and countless hours of me waiting patiently for the newest installment my favorite guilty pleasure. And boy oh boy was I impressed! Serena never fa...

Fashion do’s and don’t’s from the ‘Gossip Girl’ crew

By Ashley Berger

October 17, 2010

    Hey kittens, so there's no new episode this week so I figured why not compile some "Picks Lists". We'll start with Queen B, who has looked spectacular in every outfit she's worn so far this season. Her top thr...