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Nobody likes Obamacare

January 21, 2014

President Obama and the Middle East

By Julian del Prado

November 13, 2013

President Barack Obama has seen his share of crises in the Middle East, from Libya to Egypt to Syria, but to understand the consequences of his decisions, one must compare the interests of the United States to what was actually...

U.S. and Russia: Provocative diplomacy

By Suyash Tibrawalla

September 12, 2013

Even in the post-Cold War period, relations between the United States and Russia have been uneasy. Since Vladimir Putin’s return as president of the Russian Federation in 2012, foreign policy tensions have risen within the Obama administration. U...

Bridging the fiscal cliff

By Zac Bears

November 28, 2012

On Jan. 1, 2013, tax increases and spending cuts – commonly known as the “fiscal cliff” – will force austerity on the United States’ still recovering economy. Democrats want to keep some of the tax increases and Republicans...

Letter to the Editor: 11/13/12

November 14, 2012

To the editor, Last night I streamed into Southwest Residential Area with a thousand or so of my closest friends in absolute ecstasy over the election results. President Barack Obama was re-elected president, and the crowd...

Obama wins presidential election on Tuesday

By Collegian News Staff

November 7, 2012

Pick up a copy of the Daily Collegian to read about the elections. Also be sure to check out video footage of UMass Amherst students' reaction to the news....

Students gather in Southwest after Obama’s re-election announced

By Alyssa Creamer

November 7, 2012

About 500 students gathered in the Southwest Residential Area as President Barack Obama’s re-election was called by media outlets nationwide. The gathering began as a tame celebration. However, students’ behaviors and...