Massachusetts Daily Collegian

It’s time for a 21st century war on poverty

By Makai McClintock

September 9, 2013

In 1964, President Lyndon B. Johnson called for a “Nationwide War” on the sources of poverty, an effort, he proclaimed, that would “strike away the barriers to full participation” in our global society. The initiat...

The importance of Gen Eds

By Karen Podorefsky

September 5, 2013

The longtime tradition of general education courses designed to shape well-rounded students continues today, allowing students to explore fields they may not be interested in or to simply broaden their knowledge on a subject. According...

Reform through language

By Dennis Topakov

September 5, 2013

Throughout current President Vladimir Putin’s tenure in the Russian government, he has proven time after time that he’s in the business of driving the country back into the Stone Age regarding social development. The recent...

Raise the minimum wage

By Jillian Correira

September 4, 2013

When President Barack Obama gave his State of the Union address on Feb. 12, he made it explicitly clear that, “in the wealthiest nation on earth, no one who works full-time should have to live in poverty.” He then went on...

Law and race shouldn’t mix

By Stefan Herlitz

September 4, 2013

As the fight for equality rages on, legal protection is constantly being extended to groups that have historically been discriminated against, including women, ethnic minorities, and those of non-traditional gender or sexual orientation....

Rising for a just reason

By Allie Connell

January 24, 2013

In an effort to demand the end of the violence against women, the Eve Ensler’s V-Day organization invites one billion voices to rise up and speak out against the worldwide horrors affecting women and their bodies. The V-Day organizatio...

My best friend’s wedding

By Claire Anderson

January 24, 2013

My best friend recently booked a hall for her wedding; she’s getting married at Cinderella’s castle in Disney World. Everyone is invited if they choose to come. It’s going to be a cool, modern day fairy tale but with wine, thousand...

Dominating parties squeeze out the little guys

By Stefan Herlitz

November 13, 2012

After months of hard campaigning, the overwhelming hype of Election Night, and the plethora of analysis in its aftermath, the government, at first glance, is exactly the same after the election as it was before the day before. President Barack Obama will remain president, the Republ...

Why progressives should not vote for Obama

By Mike Tudoreanu

November 6, 2012

Remember when President Barack Obama used to be cool? Four years ago, with free-market conservatism discredited by the biggest recession since the 1930s, many progressives expected Obama to be the next Franklin Delano Roosevelt, to reverse the gradual right-wing drift in American politics ...

Social media can not replace traditional socializing entirely

By Karen Podorefsky

October 23, 2012

What is friendship today? Does logging onto Facebook and seeing that you have ‘x’ amount friends make you feel popular? Maybe, but what small percentage of those are close friends that you would want to go have lunch w...

Electoral Idol: Debating the electoral carnival

By Jan Dichter

October 16, 2012

With each reappearance, regardless of particulars, the temporality of the electoral spectacle cycle deposits another greasy layer onto the aura of gruesome despair that inevitably surrounds it. Each time, there arises a great ...

Beating the block

By Emily Felder

September 25, 2012

I’ll be honest; I’ve got writer’s block. I’ll spare you the typical writings about the fall season. I’m determined not to write about the leaves, with their “splendiferous shades of foliage glinting in the autumnal setting...