Massachusetts Daily Collegian

Another campus sexual assault, this time invisible

By Brandon Sides

November 13, 2013

Recent news reports inform the public that yet another sexual assault occurred on the University of Massachusetts campus. On Sept. 2, an 18-year-old male student is alleged to have assaulted a female student. Bystanders interv...

President Obama and the Middle East

By Julian del Prado

November 13, 2013

President Barack Obama has seen his share of crises in the Middle East, from Libya to Egypt to Syria, but to understand the consequences of his decisions, one must compare the interests of the United States to what was actually...

Instarat: the dangerous world of criminal networking

By Johnny McCabe

November 12, 2013

The city of Philadelphia has a serious problem with Instagram. In a bizarre scenario that seems like it would fit more comfortably in a comic book than real life, an anonymous account has taken to the social network, posting personal information of critical witnesses to violent cr...

Hazing: The Incognito Effect

By Dennis Topakov

November 12, 2013

Miami Dolphins’ offensive lineman Richie Incognito has become the front-man of the most recent hazing and bullying allegations within the NFL. Jonathan Martin, Incognito’s fellow lineman and teammate, is the alleged target of Incognitos’ ...

The bridge from Wall Street to Washington

By Jason Roche

November 7, 2013

The Affordable Care Act’s Health Insurance Marketplace opened on Oct.1 and despite computer glitches, the program had helped six people nationwide acquire coverage by the end of the first day. Meanwhile, insurance compan...

Loss is a powerful lesson

By Steven Gillard

November 7, 2013

On May 27, 2012, after four years and seven seasons, I ran my last high school track meet at the Division 1 championship at Durfee High School. My event was the 400 meter hurdles and I came into the meet seeded somewhere in the m...

Fixing a broken Congress takes three steps

By Zac Bears

November 6, 2013

Congress is broken. Polling by RealClearPolitics, which averages polls like Gallup, CNN and Fox, puts Congressional approval at just 8.9 percent. Congress has not been so disliked by its electorate since the early 1990s. Since 2...

Riot or Celebration?

By Karen Podorefsky

November 6, 2013

Think back to last Wednesday evening — another big sports game, another “riot.”  The gathering came as no surprise to faculty, administration or students. At that point, it was a self-fulfilling prophecy. Both faculty and students ...

Studying what you love

By Elise Martorano

November 5, 2013

Though this belief might make me naïve and idealistic, maybe even self-righteous, to some, I would much rather spend tens of thousands of dollars to go to college to study a subject that I love than study a subject that will make me a more desirable cand...

Saudi women fight driving ban

By Hannah Sparks

November 5, 2013

On Oct. 26, women across Saudi Arabia got into their cars and drove. So did women in nations all over the world, of course – Saudi Arabia just has the distinction of being the only country on earth to prohibit women from driving. No written law officially bans it, but the governm...

Mutations: Dead singers

By Jackson Maxwell

November 1, 2013

There was only one story from the recent VMA’s that grabbed my attention. It wasn’t Miley Cyrus’… interesting… form of self-expression, it wasn’t Justin Timberlake getting N’Sync back together, nor was it any of the performances. It wa...

The cellphone take-over

By Molly Gately

November 1, 2013

A few Sundays ago, I attended the Easton Corbin concert at the Fine Arts Center. As the main act began, my friends and I surged to the front in order to get into the pit. Once Easton Corbin began singing, out came my phone (...