Massachusetts Daily Collegian

Emancipator plays at Pearl Street Nightclub with Honeycomb and Beta Ghost

By Sarah Robertson

September 30, 2013

The electronic music visionary Emancipator played a small but poignant show Thursday night at the Pearl Street Nightclub with opening acts Beta Ghost and Honeycomb. Emancipator is composer-producer Doug Appling’s personal project....

Mt. Zion stands tall at Pearl St.

By Brian Folen

October 2, 2011

Friday night, the Pearl Street Nightclub in Northampton welcomed Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra onto their stage with a compact, but eager crowd. The five-piece orchestra played a long, powerful set that engaged the audience...

Curren$y showcases night at Pearl Street

By Stephen Hewitt

March 7, 2011

Although near-freezing weather conditions pierced the area last Friday night, storms of boisterous young men and women still packed the Pearl Street Ballroom to witness rapper Curren$y Before Curren$y, known as “The Hot Spitta” to his passionate fan ...

The Books school Northampton in folktronica

By Garth Brody

October 24, 2010

There are concerts and there are great concerts, and then there are Books Concerts. Friday night, the universe was treated to a Books Concert in Northampton and it was good. The night commenced without much fanfare, starting...