Massachusetts Daily Collegian

Holiday causes slow weekend for Amherst Police

By Mary Reines

December 3, 2013

Police reported a relatively quiet Thanksgiving weekend. As students sped home for the holiday, guests flooded into Craig’s Place, a homeless shelter, to find refuge from the cold. Friday, Nov. 29 7:16 p.m. Two laptops, a camera and so...

Thievery abounds over weekend

By Mary Reines

November 26, 2013

Friday, Nov. 22 10:48 a.m. Construction signs were stolen near 457 Main St. Their location, as well as the perpetrator, remains unknown. 7:45 p.m. A caller at 37 Meadow St. reported a break-in and bags of coins missing at the residence. There was no sign of a forced entry. 8:41 p.m...

Violence interrupts otherwise typical weekend

By Mary Reines

November 19, 2013

Friday, Nov. 15 3:29 p.m. A caller reported a medium-sized white dog in his back yard at 109 Fearing St. The caller was concerned that the dog looked neglected. The dog didn’t have a collar on and walked behind the blue house next to his. ...

Cheerful but quiet weekend in Amherst

By Mary Reines

November 13, 2013

Saturday, Nov. 9 12:18 a.m. Following a noise complaint, police found a large, loud party and arrested four uncooperative females at 858 East Pleasant St. on charges of unlawful noise. Three of the females were 22 years old and one w...

Quiet weekend following World Series celebrations

By Mary Reines

November 5, 2013

Friday, Nov. 1 10:14 a.m. Police received a call about a break-in at 328 Lincoln Ave. Caller reported a kicked-in door, but there was no damage and nothing removed from the home. Police believe that the suspect never entered...

Slow weekend for Amherst Police

By Mary Reines

October 28, 2013

Friday, Oct. 25 3:01 p.m. A check was reported stolen from a car parked by 298 Belchertown Rd. Saturday, Oct. 26 1:07 a.m. Paris J. Amado, 23, was arrested on charges of speeding and failing to stop for police. He was discovered driving between 60 and 70 mph from the intersection o...

Unusually quiet weekend before Halloween

By Mary Reines

October 21, 2013

Police considered this relatively quiet weekend to be the calm before the storm. As Halloween approaches, officers are preparing for one of the rowdiest holidays of the year. Drunken students clad in costumes will take over the town next weeken...

Many break-ins over long weekend

By Mary Reines

October 15, 2013

A slew of break-ins occurred over the holiday weekend. On Saturday, a man broke into two different apartments in the same building at 36 South East St. around 4:37 a.m., and he was arrested. On Sunday, the police received a call...

Two drunk drivers arrested over weekend

By Mary Reines

October 7, 2013

Saturday, Oct. 5 12:12 a.m. Mary L. Quinn, 21, of Westfield, was arrested at 911 North Pleasant St. on charges of disorderly conduct. She was “causing a commotion” as she walked down the street. 12:49 a.m. After reporting for a noise complaint, police took about 30 minutes ...