Massachusetts Daily Collegian

PVTA introduces ‘bendy-buses’

By Megan Cangemi

September 19, 2013

On a busy weekday during the semester, or even on a cool fall night, it can be difficult to squeeze into a bus already crammed with passengers at the University of Massachusetts. The Pioneer Valley Transit Authority understands these qualms, however, and has provided a solution for the Amherst are...

UMass Transit student bus drivers discuss job experiences

By Peter Cappiello

April 11, 2013

University of Massachusetts sophomore Jen DePlanche runs out of her dorm and through the concourse of the Southwest Residential Area at 6:50 a.m. on her way across campus to get behind the wheel of a blue and orange Pioneer Valley...

PVTA mobile app now available on Android

By Lauren Tom

October 8, 2012

For University of Massachusetts students who don’t own a car and want to take small trips outside of the campus having the Pioneer Valley Transit Authority bus services on campus can be very convenient. But the convenience...

PVTA hopes route detours will deter partying

By Brittney Figueira

April 27, 2012

Once his class ended last Friday at 7 p.m., Jeremy Fontaine, a student at the University of Massachusetts, waited for a bus that never came. Fontaine, who lives in North Amherst, was waiting on campus for the Pioneer Valley Transportatio...

Sober shuttle to be decided by SGA referendum in spring elections

By Zachary Weishar

February 29, 2012

It happens all the time. Inebriated students leave bars, car keys in hand, and each year, approximately 1,700 American college students never make it home. This statistic, which was calculated in a 2005 study by the An...

Historical group attempts to preserve waiting station

By Staff

February 12, 2012

Between North Pleasant Street and Hasbrouck Laboratory, a small brick waiting station for bus passengers has been the topic of discussion for local historical groups and University of Massachusetts campus planners. Recently, a group hoping to save the waiting station shelter r...

10 things a bus driver wishes you knew

By Victoria Knobloch

January 22, 2012

To preface this handy manual on bus riding at University of Massachusetts, I just want to say that these are my opinions and mine alone. They may not reflect the stance of UMass transit or the PVTA. These are just some tips...

Groups embrace charity during holiday season

By Staff

December 9, 2011

‘Tis the season to be charitable, according to many University of Massachusetts student organizations and members of the Amherst community. As winter break approaches and some people chop down their Christmas trees and s...

PVTA: Pioneer Valley Tardiness Authority

By Kellie Quinn

September 19, 2011

Trying to take a Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts Transit Authority [PVTA] bus on the weekends is no easy feat. Between battling your way through the massive crowd of drunken “zoo-massers” to get a spot and then trying t...