Massachusetts Daily Collegian

Religion, abortion and vice presidential politics

By Jillian Correira

October 18, 2012

On Oct. 11, the vice presidential debate was held at Centre College in Danville, Ky., between Democratic incumbent Joe Biden and Republican hopeful Paul Ryan. The two went head to head on foreign and domestic policy issues, and when t...

Minding our manners

By Eric Magazu

February 9, 2012

  It’s a topic not often addressed, but it’s an important one: the concept of manners. By this, I mean the common courtesies that have been set by established rules that originated in the past. Conventional think...

Get G.O.D. out of the G.O.P.

By Hannah Sparks

January 27, 2012

A friend of mine recently “came out” as an atheist to her mother, who dismissed her daughter’s beliefs (or lack thereof) as “just a phase,” like sporting pink hair or black nail polish. Another friend of mine struggles...

Psychology lecturer is also a practicing Wiccan

By Steffi Porter

December 8, 2011

Laura Wildman-Hanlon, a practicing Wiccan, is not your Hollywood witch. She doesn’t wear a pointed hat or have green skin, and she certainly doesn’t turn men into frogs. This she says, is not at all what real Wicca and witchcraft are about. “Wicca is a modern form o...

Human religion

By Eric Magazu

November 30, 2011

People tend to follow all kinds of ideas about religion, and others reject it outright. Many rationalize the idea of religion as being superstitious or a holdover from the past. When new students arrive on college campuses each...

Don’t take everything so literally…literally

By Ryan Walsh

October 17, 2011

While it is often the works themselves that are celebrated – paintings, literature, music or any other medium of art that one can imagine – it is the messages contained within those works that transcend the works’ form and...

Letters to the Editor

By Staff

October 5, 2011

Dear Editor, I am extremely disappointed about your handling of free speech rights in the Collegian's editorial opinion pieces. The October 3, 2011 issue contains an editorial titled “The Numbing of the American Mind.” I...

The ‘Higher Power’ doesn’t have to be God

By Victoria Knobloch

April 7, 2011

The discussion of whether religion belongs in spaces like Alcoholics Anonymous has many larger moral arguments tied into it. Can something be spiritual without religious aspects? Can the power of ritual and prayer have positive effect even without personal belief in a higher power? Such questions are...

Pardon in Pakistan for religious tolerance

By Chelsea Whitton

December 2, 2010

Other than military, terrorism and political issues from Pakistan in the news, one very untraditional story has found its way to the media by a woman fighting for her life and family’s protection. It is a story of family, defiance...