Massachusetts Daily Collegian

A Night of Differences: Brown vs. Warren

By Tanvir Faisal

October 12, 2012

If there are any Massachusetts voters who are not sure of whom to support in this November’s pivotal senatorial election, just point them in the direction of Wednesday night’s debate in Springfield. The sixty-minute long...

Senator Brown: No more “Mr. Nice Guy”

By Patrick Kenney

October 4, 2012

On the streets of Dorchester two men were spotted making tomahawk chops and war whoops on Sept. 23. Who were these individuals? Were they sports fans? No. How about street performers? No. So who else could these unknown men making...

Bloomberg’s Blooper

By Christopher McKnight

October 1, 2012

“Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness” are some of the most famous words from the Declaration of Independence. These are the three basic rights given to the American people and what the citizens of our country have been chasing ever since. If your defin...

Noam Chomsky on world’s ownership and progress

By Tom Lynch

September 30, 2012

Professor Noam Chomsky of MIT, author of Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media and at least 99 other works according to Wikipedia, gave a talk this past week at the UMass Fine Arts Center. The lecture was en...

Prioritizing the Issues That Matter

By David Kaufman

September 24, 2012

I would like to formally introduce myself to my readers and where my opinions come from as the president of the University of Massachusetts Republican Club and a Political Science major. Growing up in Rochester, N.Y., I was raised in a stable suburban community with few worries. I was raised in a...

Is Romney/Ryan the Golden Ticket?

By Josh Steinberg

September 13, 2012

There are a lot of half-witted assumptions being tossed around as this election draws closer. There appears to be a lot of people who are ‘die-hard Democrats’ with no clue as to why, other than that’s what their mother told them t...

Ryan rages and misgauges

By Emily Felder

September 4, 2012

According to that stalwart of the English language, the Oxford English Dictionary, the word "rage" is defined as "violent, uncontrollable anger." I became enraged on Aug. 11 for two reasons. The first reason is obvious: f...

Respecting Rick

By Jon Carvalho

March 2, 2012

While Rick Santorum is prone to ejaculating statements that are wildly inappropriate for the public forum as well as ideas that are seemingly half-baked at times, his ideas still deserve to be respected. Before you start sending...

Wrong Paul

By Mike Tudoreanu

February 10, 2012

Ron Paul is a man of principle. That is what we are constantly being told by his army of loyal fans. I believe them. A question remains, however, as to what his principles are, and what their consequences would be. Let...

A Republican Frankenstein’s monster

By Nikhil Rao

February 2, 2012

As a politics wonk, I have been following the race for the Republican presidential nomination since May 2010. I’ve witnessed it all: from the rise of Michele Bachmann to the ignominious fall of Herman Cain. I’ve agreed with the pundits about each candi...

Sticking to the Constitution on foreign policy

By Eric Magazu

January 26, 2012

In the current Republican presidential primary season, there’s one candidate that goes off the normal track and often faces ridicule and insult for it: Ron Paul. Not only is he somewhat marginalized by the mainstream pres...

Mormonism should not affect candidacy

By Isaac Himmelman

October 25, 2011

Still far from having secured the 2012 Republican nomination, Mitt Romney’s Mormon faith is already in the national spotlight. Dallas pastor (and Rick Perry supporter) Robert Jeffress created quite the stir when he describ...