Massachusetts Daily Collegian

UMass astronomer solves mystery of Milky Way’s black hole

By David Barnstone

September 19, 2013

While most astronomers agree that a massive black hole sits at the center of every major galaxy in the universe, it is less clear how the gravitational pull of these regions interacts with the matter surrounding them. Now, an international team of scientists led by University of Mass...

UMass awarded $95 million Life Sciences Grant

By Allison Ludtke

September 5, 2013

Governor Deval Patrick and the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center (MLSC) announced this past June that the University of Massachusetts received a $95 million grant to fund life sciences projects and research at the university. Another...

Don’t give us the “piecemeal,” give us the whole thing

By Nathan Fatal

December 4, 2012

Last Friday, the House of Representatives passed the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics  Jobs Act (STEM), which is intended to increase the number of visas granted to foreign students studying in the fields in American schools. It’s also designed to appeal to Hispanic vote...

Coccolithophores: warriors of the sea

By Kayla Silvey

March 11, 2012

I’m pretty sure spring has a touch, and when I woke up one day last week, I found its finger prints in the dust on the window sills. The peace of it all reminded me of a RadioLab podcast that came out this past week. RadioLab is a biweekly WNYC radio sh...

No more mind games

By Lauren Vincent

February 17, 2012

According to scientists at University of California at Berkley, mind-reading may not be just a plot point in a Mel Gibson chick flick, but an actual possibility. For those of you worried that the crazy sex fantasies you’re conjuring...

Taste: An Unsung Gift of the Holidays

By Eliza Mitchell

December 9, 2011

Ah, the holidays. Such a stimulating time for the senses: bright colors; loud, spirited music; strong smells; the sting of wrapping paper cuts… and the taste of delicious treats made especially for the time at hand. As my mom ...

The science of snowflakes

By Eliza Mitchell

November 15, 2011

“No two snowflakes are alike.”  That’s an old adage, quite common in weather lore when the unique nature of a snowflake is described, and I’m sure you’ve heard it at least once in your life. However, th...

The Zodiac: The Stars Behind the Sun

By Eliza Mitchell

October 20, 2011

This semester, I jumped on the opportunity to take a fascinating class called “Astronomy 100: Exploring the Universe”. Not only is my mind being blown about our massively insignificant size in comparison to the rest of the universe, ...

The Sound of Silence

By Taylor Schlacter

October 17, 2011

Every time I walk into an exam, I’m always entertaining the same question in my mind: why can’t students listen to music while taking exams? Sure, there’s always the possibility that someone can record the entirety of th...

BPA: A low-down of the most important information

By Eliza Mitchell

October 12, 2011

Long before studies on it were made public in 2008, Bisphenol-A has been a widely covered topic in the field of health science. Better known as BPA, the chemical is found in a variety of items that we come into contact with in our day...