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Go ahead, hit the snooze button and sleep your way to better health

By Emily Brightman

September 12, 2013

College students by nature are always on the go. It can feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day between classes, work, homework and extracurricular activities. Demanding schedules sometimes require sacrifice, and unfortu...

Just sleep it off

By Luke Dery

November 29, 2012

Young adults are constantly told by parents, doctors and advisors about the importance of sleep and how it is essential to our health and performance in life. However, to many young people, sleep is the last item on the list of important activities. This notion is esp...

Early bird is the word

By Anthony Putvinski

November 2, 2012

Countless times we have all felt there are simply not enough hours in the day. For college students, deciding which of the 24 hours we allocate to schoolwork is a constant struggle. Your typical student does not adhere to th...

Six Tips for Snoozing Soundly

By Erin OMalley

March 9, 2012

We’ve all been there – sitting in a lecture with the professor droning as our eyelids grow heavy, and it becomes nearly impossible to stay awake. Our vision becomes fuzzy as we doze off – if only for a moment – before...

Study released on the study of sleep

By Staff

March 5, 2012

It doesn’t take a scientist to realize your mother was right when she said if you don’t get enough sleep you’re going to get sick. But recently, one has confirmed your mother’s words. Erol Fikrig, a professor in...

De-stress during finals week

By Jeff Mitchell

April 27, 2011

In the sleepless, perhaps Adderall-fueled nights of finals week, it is easy to burn out, completely lose steam or even feel you’re going to have a heart attack. Not only is this mentally and physically damaging, the stress can...

Ten tips for increasing your level of energy!

By Emily McLaughlin

March 22, 2011

Feeling tired in the morning? Feeling sluggish throughout the day? On many occasions a lack of sleep is the cause for this, but when you are getting the recommended hours of rest at night something else could be to blame. Recharge and get back into the swing of things here at the University of Massachu...