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“The Office” somewhat returns to form

By Danny Marchant

September 24, 2012

Last season, NBC’s hit sitcom “The Office” returned to the airwaves without Steve Carell. For seven seasons, Carell played Dunder Mifflin’s clueless but lovable boss, Michael Scott. Fans wondered if the show could sustain itself without its endlessly offensive but well-meanin...

‘The Office’ prevails without Carell

By Acacia DiCiaccio

September 25, 2011

Thursday marked the season eight premier of the NBC comedy “The Office.” This premier was more crucial than many others because it kicked off the first season without the show’s focal point, Michael Scott. Scott, played...

Farewell, Michael Scott

By Chris Shores

April 20, 2011

How can we possibly say goodbye to Michael Scott? For seven seasons, the star of NBC’s “The Office” has been both the world’s worst and best boss. Scott (Steve Carell) has become the king of the phrase “That’s...

“Dinner for Schmucks” a cocktail of laughs

By Dan Gigliotti

September 8, 2010

“Dinner for Schmucks” offers a light fare of laughs, with tasteful jokes in modest proportions. For someone with a full appetite for gut-wrenching humor, this film leaves room for dessert. When a coveted job promotion require...

Save time for “Date Night”

By Kate MacDonald

April 12, 2010

Date Night movie trailerTina Fey and Steve Carell, known for their hilarious comedic hi-jinks, don’t disappoint in “Date Night,” the newest Shawn Levy flick. Though not exactly an innovative plot, thanks to the leads, the ...