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NESCI conducts Twitter-based study determining mood of entire city

By Catherine Ferris

September 18, 2013

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The ability to map the mood of an entire city may seem far-fetched, but with the use of social media—specifically Twitter—research company New England Complex Systems Institute made it happen.   Karla Bertrand of NESCI press relations said that the institute focused on spatia...

Is technology ruining relationships?

By kate casler

March 15, 2013

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Recently I read an interview The AV Club did with Aziz Ansari. He has been doing some research for his new tour on love and relationships in this day and age. His research yielded some pretty depressing results (though he stays opt...

The virtualization of experience

By Jan Dichter

November 19, 2012

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Recent thoughts on social media reminded me of a phrase I heard for the first time recently, which I suspect we will probably hear again – ‘digital natives,’ meaning the increasing fraction of young people who, like many of my fellow under...

Google may make us stupid, but Twitter is making me more succinct

By Molly Boushell

October 19, 2012

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As a writer, I’ve never met a comma I didn’t like. Using them to flow from one aspect of an idea to another, I had a tendency to find myself at the end of the sentence, needing to look up. I found myself searching for where ...

What not to do on Facebook

By Taylor Gilmore

October 16, 2012

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In this day and age, college students spend a huge amount of time on Facebook, particularly when they should be doing things like homework or studying. The massive amount of time spent on Facebook has led to the development of some nasty habits. Here are just a few things people do on Fac...

Privacy settings in the age of Facebook

By Michelle Williams

March 27, 2012

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Over the last decade, people have opened Myspace, Facebook and Twitter accounts, and have become increasingly more conscious about what is available online to the public. And according to a recent study by the Pew Research...

People power

By Cassie Jeon

October 17, 2011

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Word of mouth has always been a powerful force in society. Along with increasing access to the Internet and the wide variety of social media, people are more connected than ever. The constant Facebook or Twitter updates help...

Twitter, the social networking superior

By rose mirandi

October 12, 2011

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As Mark Zuckerberg constantly updates Facebook, people are screaming for a simpler way of socializing. There is only one answer: Twitter. It’s almost impossible to get annoyed with that girl from high school that won’t shut up about how drunk she got last weekend because she’s a l...

The Church’s Message

By Chelsea Whitton

April 27, 2011

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Recently I officially signed up for Twitter, not that I hadn’t been on it before as I had about five different accounts under pseudo names for no apparent reason. So I got rid of those and signed up with my real name and sta...

#FF @iamtravisporter @yunamusic

By Jasmine West

April 13, 2011

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Two things I am always looking for: new music and new people to follow on Twitter. So, I’ve decided to give you both. I am a person who just loves music. My iPod selection ranges from pop to rap to rock and even a little country...