Massachusetts Daily Collegian

Bullpen to blame in UMass losses

By Pete Vasquez

April 7, 2010

In a 15-11 slugfest, it was the bullpen of the Massachusetts baseball team which exposed their season-long struggles. Three different relievers combined to surrender nine runs in just over three innings to give Connecticut...

The One Class Every Woman Should Take

By Sara Crossman

April 7, 2010

It’s called R.A.D. I know. It’s kind of a cheesy name, but it stands for Rape Aggression Defense. This is a class offered across the country by certified R.A.D. instructors who are often members of the police department. ...

Chills from the Frills

By Leigh Greaney

April 6, 2010

There’s nothing like a heavy dose of irony to kick up punk appreciation. The not-so-frilly group “The Frills” know this well. The group members, all University of Massachusetts students, don’t even really like punk music,...

Environment isn’t a fad to be cared about two days of the year

By Chelsea Whitton

March 30, 2010

Slowly but surely my own consumption choices are contributing to climate change – and believe me, this revelation isn’t far fetched. Yesterday, I threw away two coffee cups, a brown paper bag, endless paper towels from my...

UMass spends record $489 million on research in 2009

By Matt Rocheleau

March 12, 2010

After a record $54 million rise from 2008, research spending hit an all-time high of $489.1 million at the University of Massachusetts last year, according to an announcement from UMass yesterday. Of the nearly $500 mi...

UMass named to President’s service honor roll

By Sam Butterfield

March 12, 2010

If you go to the University of Massachusetts and have done community service at any point in the last four years, give yourself a pat on the back: You made the honor roll! Each year since the program’s inception in 2006,...

SGA accomplishment met with apathy

By Ben Moriarty

March 10, 2010

            It has been said that the Student Government Association doesn’t care the slightest about the students, but instead, only about its resumes. This has been said, likely and by most accounts, since the inception...

Sacrifices must be made to land internships

By Amanda Joinson

March 9, 2010

Spring break is around the corner. So now students may be wondering what they are going to do for the summer, and with the economy still in a less than favorable condition, the outlook for those killer internships cannot be good. The...

Breaking the silence

By S.P. Sullivan

March 5, 2010

About this page | On February 25, 2010, The Boston Globe reported that a student who confessed to raping a friend on campus in Fall 2009 was allowed to remain enrolled as a student at the University of Massachusetts. Since then, Vice Ch...

UM: No ‘magic bullet’ to regain trust after rape case mishandling (Video)

By Matt Rocheleau

March 5, 2010

[*An update was posted to the end of this story Friday after the district attorney's office was contacted.] There is no “magic bullet” to earn back the trust lost from the administration’s “unacceptable” mishandl...

Don’t ask girls to make you a sandwich

By Lauren Vincent

March 2, 2010

Recently, a male Facebook friend of mine became a fan of a Facebook page called “I’m the boy. You’re the girl. Make me a sandwich, or we don’t talk today.” The first thing that came to my mind when it came up on my...

Confessed rapist remains enrolled after administrative error

By Matt Rocheleau

February 26, 2010

A University of Massachusetts student confessed to raping a friend and former student in the fall and was mistakenly given a deferred suspension. University officials allowed him to stay on campus, a move that now has administrators...