Massachusetts Daily Collegian

“The economy” is more than jobs and unemployment

By Zac Bears

October 17, 2012

Polling and punditry present this election as a referendum on “the economy” — here defined as jobs and unemployment. However, “the economy” as an issue and the economy in practice are two very different concepts. While...

19 million jobs could be created by banks spending, says PERI study

By Mason Woolley

February 2, 2012

Banks might be the source of 19 million new jobs – if they spend $1.4 trillion of their cash. According to a study conducted recently by the Political Economy Research Institute [PERI] – an independent unit of the University of Massachusetts – if banks spend $1.4 of their $3.6 t...

Senior to Senior Citizen

By Rachel Tumin

September 22, 2011

Being a senior in college comes with a lot of new territory.  I didn’t expect being mistaken for the crypt keeper would be a part of it. As I waited outside a freshmen dorm earlier this week, a most unexpected question came my way. “Do you need to be buz...

The long-term price to pay

By Melissa Mahoney

April 20, 2011

As graduating seniors prepare to walk this May, many of them step toward an uncertain future. With the Bureau of Labor Statistics pinning the unemployment rate at 8.8 percent as of March, the job market can be a daunting place....

News across the nation

By Staff

March 24, 2011

Wall Street gets a lift after earnings reports continue to impress investors “Corporate earnings continue to be exceptionally strong,” said Oliver Pursche, president of Gary Goldberg Financial Services. “I think the markets continue to focus on the underlying recovery of the U.S. econom...

Unemployed? Try South Korea

By Rachel Dougherty

March 20, 2011

With graduation looming, student loans about to activate like time bombs, and the U.S. economy still in rehab, many American college graduates are seeking employment in an unlikely place: South Korea. South Korea is quickly...