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PCP: Lack of USDA enforcement discredits organic labels

By Alexa Jones

September 14, 2012

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You know those lovely super food stores that stamp that ridiculous, pastoral green sticker on your apples? They’re taunting you. They are screaming, “Uninformed citizen, please give us money so we can screw you over!” Don’t...

Researchers predict climate change will encourage invasive species

By Melanie Muller

January 23, 2012

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Climate change will allow for a new wave of invasive species, according to an assessment performed by an international group of researchers who recommended that the United States Department of Agriculture introduce policies to...

Will you ever eat at Taco Bell again?

By Seyi Obasa

February 3, 2011

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A class action lawsuit filed on Jan. 19 by California law firm Blood, Hurst, & O’Reardon LLP, and Alabama firm Beasley, Allen, Crow, Methvin, Portis & Miles on behalf of Californian Amanda Obney accuses the Taco Bell chain of using beef filling in lieu of real ground beef. Accord...

Consumers ask Taco Bell, “Where’s the beef?”

By Michelle Williams

January 27, 2011

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“Where’s the beef?” was once a slogan of the fast-food restaurant chain Wendy’s, in regards to the quality of meat of their competitors’ products. Now, some consumers are asking just that of Taco Bell. An Alabama law firm has filed a class-action law suit against the fast-food...