Graphic by Nick Archambault/Daily Collegian
Graphic by Nick Archambault/Daily Collegian

A Look back: UMass over the last 10 years

The University under Subbaswamy's leadership

May 18, 2023

As many know, Chancellor Kumble Subbaswamy will be retiring at the end of the semester. The Collegian felt it necessary to take a look back at the notable moments that have occurred under the Chancellor’s leadership and provide reflection on how the campus environment has evolved since 2012. In the articles below, Collegian writers have delved deep into integral and significant aspects of the University; what makes the campus tick. 

UMass has been faced with numerous public health challenges that could not have been fought without the help of students. Similarly, the student work force has been present to support the various setbacks that the workforce has seen. Protests upon protests have been conducted on campus grounds as students stood up and and united to fight injustices. The international student population has grown tremendously since Subbaswamy’s arrival, and the emphasis on residential communities for various demographics has followed suit. 

While these articles cannot capture and observe the entirety of the University since 2012, they provide insight on the experiences and occurrences of the past, and their influence on the University’s current and future environment. 

The Stories:

The Daily Collegian sits down with outgoing Chancellor Kumble Subbaswamy by Rebeca PereiraJack Underhill, and Ella Adams, Collegian Staff

Public Health: a daunting challenge in a public university by Jack Underhill, Assistant News Editor

Always in Motion: a dive into social movements on campus through the past decade by Caitlin Reardon, Assistant News Editor

The evolution of working conditions for UMass employees by Grace Lee, Collegian Staff

The diversity of on-campus residential life by Olivia Capriotti, Collegian Staff

How UMass admits international students by Kami Nguyen, Collegian Staff

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