Massachusetts Daily Collegian

2019-2020 Staff

Morgan Reppert

Editor in Chief

Morgan Reppert is the Editor in Chief of the Collegian.

Amin Touri

Editor in Chief

Amin Touri is the Editor in Chief of the Collegian. A senior, Touri is a journalism major with a concentration in sports journalism, and covers the men's basketball team at UMass. He's been with the Collegian since the start of...

Matt Berg

Managing Editor

Matt Berg is the Managing Editor of the Massachusetts Daily Collegian. Matt is an English and journalism double major, minoring in history. He joined the Collegian in the spring of his freshman year as a columnist, before becoming...

Zach Polak

Business Manager

Zach Polak is the Business Manager of the Massachusetts Daily Collegian. Zach is a Computer Science major, and has been with the Collegian since his freshman year, when he started as an Advertising Representative.

Cassie McGrath

News Editor

James Mazarakis

Op/Ed Editor

James Mazarakis is the Editor of Op/Ed. Studying Sustainable Community Development and public policy, James is interested in theories of discourse and has been in Op/Ed since his freshman year.

Rebecca Duke Wiesenberg

Translations Head Editor

Thomas Haines

Sports Editor

Thomas Haines is the sports editor of the Daily Collegian. A happily graduating senior, he’s covered the UMass football and men’s basketball teams, as well as women’s basketball and field hockey. He started at the Collegian...

Noah Bortle

Sports Editor

Quinn He

Arts Editor

Lauren LaMagna

Arts Editor

Taeko Gupta

Social Media Coordinator

Sophia Gardner

Assistant News Editor

Sophia Gardner is an Assistant News Editor at the Collegian. A sophomore, she is a Political Science and Journalism double major. She’s been with the Collegian since her Freshman year.

Will Mallas

Assistant News Editor

Will Mallas is an assistant news editor at The Daily Collegian. He joined The Collegian in his freshman year before becoming an assistant news editor in his first semester as a sophomore. Will is a political science major who...

Will Katcher

Assistant News Editor

Will Katcher is a senior journalism major and assistant news editor. He began writing for the Collegian his freshmen year and now covers UMass coronavirus response, campus administration, and whatever else the job requires....

Liam Flaherty

Assistant Sports Editor

Ashley Tsang

Assistant Arts Editor

Ashley Tsang is an Assistant Arts Editor at the Collegian. She is a sophmore marketing major and IT minor who has began writing for the Collegian her freshman year and joined staff during the fall semester of her sophmore year....

Tyler Clardy

Assistant Arts Editor

Jarius Kidd

Assistant Social Media Editor

Maria Elena Little Endara

Assistant Social Media Editor

Makailey Cookis

Assistant Social Media Editor

Mak Cookis is a Social Media Assistant for the Collegian. A sophomore, Journalism and Communication Double Major, Mak has been with the Collegian since the Fall of 2019.

McKenna Premus

Assistant Social Media Editor

Emma Garber

Assistant OpEd Editor

Emma Garber is an Assistant Editor for the Opinion and Editorial section. A sophomore, Emma is double majoring in Dance and Journalism. She has been writing for the Collegian since her first semester freshman year.

Maxwell Zeff

Assistant OpEd Editor

Ana Pietrewicz

Assistant OpEd Editor

Eva Trainer

Assistant Photos Editor

Eva is an Assistant Photography Editor at the Collegian. She is currently a sophomore, in addition to being a Sociology double major she created her own Film Studies major though BDIC. Eva has been with the Collegian since her...

Nina Walat

Assistant Photos Editor

Nina Walat is an Assistant Photo Editor at the Collegian. Nina is a junior, and majoring in both Journalism and Graphic Design through the BDIC program. She has been with the Collegian since her sophomore year.

Mehroz Kapadia

Assistant Photos Editor

Mehroz Kapadia has been an Assistant Photo Editor of the Collegian since the beginning of her junior year. She is a Graphic Design major through the BDIC program and is also pursuing a minor in Art.

Lynus Erickson

Assistant Photos Editor

Bhavya Pant

OpEd Editor