Massachusetts Daily Collegian

2017-2018 Staff

Devyn Giannetti

Editor in Chief

Devyn Giannetti is the current Editor in Chief and was Managing Editor during the 16-17 academic year. She is a senior journalism and communication double major, with a minor in psychology and loves creating strong relationships w...

Hayley Johnson

Managing Editor

Hayley is a junior and the managing editor of the Daily Collegian. She joined her sophomore year, starting as a news assistant and served as the news editor for a semester.

Pinak Kapoor

Web Managing Editor

Pinak is the Web Managing Editor of the Daily Collegian. He joined as a junior in the Fall 2018 semester. He currently aids the staff in transitions to the new website and any technical troubles faced by the team....

Jackson Cote

News Editor

Jackson is a member of the Class of 2019 and a journalism and political science double major. He currently works as news editor at the Collegian but got his start in broadcast journalism. Beginning as a Collegian staff writer dur...

Philip Sanzo

Sports Editor

A senior, Phil serves as the sports editor and the senior producer for the Daily Collegian. Phil has been with the Collegian since his freshman year. He currently covers the men's basketball team.

Gina Lopez

Arts Editor

Gina Lopez is the Arts editor. She’s been writing for the Collegian for the last two years about all things music, fashion, film and culture. She has a particular affliction for the Sunday Styles and French presses.

Serena McMahon

Social Media Coordinator

Serena is a senior journalism major and has been the Collegian’s social media coordinator for over two years. You’ll most likely find her scrolling through the Collegian Twitter!

Maxwell Zaleski

Graphics Editor

Maxwell Zaleski is the current Graphics Production Manager. He has worked for the Collegian for three years (and counting). He is a visual designer, and architecture major graduating in 2019. Self-referred to as “The Maximalist,” he ...

Charlotte Hoff

Outreach Coordinator

Charlotte is the Outreach Coordinator at the Collegian and a senior Management and Communication major at UMass. She has been involved with the Collegian since her first semester freshman year and been Outreach Coordinator since...

Andrew Esten

Comics Editor

Andrew, a junior, is the Comics Editor and self-elected king of crosswords of the Daily Collegian. He has been tirelessly working for this paper since his indoctrination in his sophomore year.

Rebecca Duke Wiesenberg

Translations Editor

Rebecca Duke Wiesenberg is a sophomore who has been working at the Collegian since Spring 2017. Beginning as an Op/Ed contributor, she then joined the news section as an assistant editor; now, she has translated her passion for ...