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Womens postseason soccer, mens hockey finishes the weekend 2-0
Women's postseason soccer, men's hockey finishes the weekend 2-0
By Joey Aliberti November 3, 2021
Joey Aliberti is joined by Kevin Schuster to talk about the women's soccer team and its hot Atlantic 10 tournament start. Colin McCarthy then joins the show to discuss the 2-0 weekend for UMass hockey along with a couple key injuries.
Cursed Halloween Special
Cursed Halloween Special
By Amy Aguayo November 1, 2021
In this episode of UMass Cursed, get your craniums rolling for the cursed Halloween special! The cursed crew, including a special guest, gets together for a round of cursed story time.
The Collegian News Hour
The Return to Campus: Struggles of Businesses, Clubs, and Dining Retailers
By Sara Abdelouahed November 5, 2021
Student organizations, businesses and on-campus dining retailers have been facing difficulties in their return to campus. Sara Abdelouahed is joined by Daily Collegian staff writer Lucas Ruud and correspondent Kami Nguyen to discuss their reporting on these challenges.