Massachusetts Daily Collegian

Rosenberg leads drive to modify ballot initiative process

By Shane Cronin

February 24, 2011

State Sen. Stan Rosenberg (D-Amherst) and four state representatives have recently filed legislation to amend the ballot initiative process in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. If enacted, Rosenberg’s bill would require those proposing bills to gather double the amount of registered voter signatures than current requirement...

Dave Zirin plays film at UMass

By Tom Barnes

February 23, 2011

As a sportswriter, commentator and host of his own radio show, Dave Zirin is at the forefront of politicizing sports and has written numerous books on the subject. Produced with the Media Education Foundation, Zirin screened his film “Not Just a Game,” which highlights the hypocrisy of assuming s...

Pride and Color posters vandalized

By Tim Jones

February 23, 2011

Local Amherst-based book shop Food for Thought Books has plastered its front window with posters showing images developed by Amherst College’s Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transsexual, and Queer Racial/Ethnic minorities (GLBTQREM) group. The group, known as “Pride and Color,” has recently been the target of defamation and vand...

Students voice concerns about sex ed.

By Haleigh Finch

February 23, 2011

On Feb,16,, hundreds of Massachusetts high school students gathered together in Boston’s City Council building to share their concerns with sexual education in their schools. That day, students engaged in a two-hour hearing during which they discussed their desire for more sexual education and great...

The protests in Libya unraveled

By Michelle Williams

February 22, 2011

Last week, on February 16, a crowd gathered outside a government office in Benghazi, Libya, armed with rocket and gasoline bombs. The demonstrators, estimated from several hundred to several thousand, marched in the country’s second-largest city demanding the release of a human rights activist. This initial ...

GOP cuts federal budget by 61 billion

By McClatchy Newspapers

February 22, 2011

Flexing their new large majority in the House, Republicans early Saturday morning pushed through a bill that cuts more than $61 billion from last year’s spending levels, setting up a showdown with Senate Democrats, who have vowed to block it, and President Obama, who has said he’ll veto it. The...

House cuts funding for Planned Parenthood

By Michelle Williams

February 22, 2011

On Saturday, February 19, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill that cut spending by 61 billion. The cuts in spending included an amendment that strips Planned Parenthood of any federal funding for the fiscal 2011 year. Planned Parenthood said in a statement that it uses federal funding to provide services to 75 percen...

The future of creative writing

By Sahar Ashraf

February 22, 2011

Editor's note: Due to an editing error, an earlier version of this story was posted incorrectly. The first thing you notice after walking into Flying Object, a hub of creativity located in Hadley, Mass., is the distinct smell of books. It is not a particularly overwhelming smell, but it’s u...

North Andover wrestling coach charged with child pornography

By Charlie Curley

February 22, 2011

North Andover High School Wrestling Coach David Castricone, one of the most successful coaches in Massachusetts, has been arrested and charged with possessing child pornography. Castricone, 60, was arrested last Monday and entered a not guilty plea in Lawrence District Court the following day. He was released on $1,500 bail. According to the Associated Press, police received ...

Skype launches ‘Skype in the Classroom’ to connect schools

By Meghan Connolly

February 21, 2011

By Meghan Connolly Collegian Staff Recognizing the reliance students today have on Webcam technology to communicate, the online video chat service Skype unveiled a new service last month to help integrate virtual technology into the classroom. “Skype in the Classroom” will afford educators the opportunity to collaborate across great distances and al...

New DA asks men stand up against violence at hoops game

By Staff

February 21, 2011

This Wednesday, new Northwestern District Attorney David Sullivan will lead a group of men and boys in pledging to never commit violence against women at the Massachusetts men’s basketball game against St. Joseph’s at the Mullins Center. Sullivan will be joined by some 100 men and boys as part of ...

Kerry addresses economy, foreign policy in NoHo

By Matthew M. Robare

February 21, 2011

By Matthew M. Robare Collegian Staff Sen. John Kerry (D-MA) met with a group of his constituents Saturday at a town hall-style meeting at the Northampton Center for the Arts. The meeting lasted for about two hours and saw Kerry address issues raised by concerned residents of western Massachu...