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Special Issue: A year of COVID-19 at UMass

March 13, 2021
Over the past year, the Daily Collegian has worked tirelessly to cover the virus’ impact on the school community. Here’s how the situation developed at UMass.
Photo Collection: COVID-19, One Year Later

Photo Collection: COVID-19, One Year Later

By Photo Staff March 13, 2021
Daily Collegian staff members reflect on their final days at UMass before being sent home during the Spring 2020 semester.
Joey Lorant

Election Special Issue

By November 2, 2020
Could Trump steal the election? Is it time we got rid of the electoral college? Should Massachusetts say 'Yes' to ranked-choice voting?
Graphic by Nina Walat

Special Issue: The Future of Higher Education

By Collegian Staff October 9, 2020
The Opinion Editorial section presents October's topic of the month: The future of higher education.
Primary Preview: Making the case for and against each Democratic candidate

Primary Preview: Making the case for and against each Democratic candidate

By Collegian Staff February 26, 2020
Taking a stance on the six Democratic candidates still in the running.
(James Desjardin)

Mental Health Special Issue

October 2, 2014

For Mental Health Awareness Week which begins Sunday, October 5, the Daily Collegian Staff organized a special issue to discuss mental health conditions, treatment, personal experiences, policy, history,...

Opinion & Editorial special issue: Higher education

By Editorial Board April 11, 2013

Patrick’s higher education plan a smart move for Massachusetts The Collegian’s view: Governor Deval Patrick’s higher education plan reduces student cost and makes necessary investments in the...

Special Issue: Arab Spring

April 4, 2012

Dan Nott/Collegian Dialogue between Putin and Syria Here's a look at Dan Nott's latest editorial cartoon. Yemen’s uncertain future Before the Arab Spring, Yemen was scarcely on the...

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