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As if we’d never say goodbye

As if we’d never say goodbye

By Ana Pietrewicz, Editor-in-Chief May 4, 2022

It’s September 21, 2021, today. Time is 11:13 a.m. I’m in a campaigns and elections class and just put out a call for student sources to email me. Students have been protesting outside Theta Chi for...

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Get out of your own way

By Maxwell Zeff, Head Podcast Editor May 4, 2022
“In a world where young men aren’t taught to be kind to themselves, young men often aren’t kind to the world.”
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The Daily Collegian brought me memories that will last a lifetime

By Frederick Hanna III, Assistant Sports Editor May 4, 2022

I entered the University of Massachusetts my freshman year with a major in economics and didn’t give a thought about writing for the student newspaper. I didn’t even know what the Collegian was before...

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The art of forward cycling

By Joey Lorant, Head Graphics Editor May 4, 2022

Sleep is sacred to me, as it is to most functioning college students. When I was growing up, I would sometimes end up sleeping in the same bed as someone out of necessity, sharing a mattress in hotels...

기숙사 학생 사감들은 더 많은 정신적 지원을 필요로 합니다

기숙사 학생 사감들은 더 많은 정신적 지원을 필요로 합니다

By Colin McCarthy, Jacklyn Lim, and Wooseong Kwon May 3, 2022

4월 27일, the Resident Assistant & Peer Mentor 연합은 매사추세츠 대학에 임금 인상을 요구하는 시위를 열었습니다. 저도 그 문제는 해결해야 할 중요한 사항라고...

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Resident assistants need more mental health resources

By Colin McCarthy, Assistant Sports Editor May 2, 2022

On April 27, the Resident Assistant & Peer Mentor Union held a protest demanding higher pay from the University of Massachusetts. While I think it’s an important issue to tackle, I wish they were...

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UMass needs more high rises to solve our housing crisis

By Will Duffy, Columnist April 28, 2022
Opinion: “UMass needs more high rises to address our housing crisis,” writes Will Duffy.
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Satire: UMass hosts ‘Squid Game’ to solve housing shortage

By Liam Rue, Op/Ed Columnist April 27, 2022
The University of Massachusetts administration has decided to solve the housing crisis by giving away the last remaining spots to a lucky few contestants.
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Don’t take living on campus for granted

By Luke Halpern, Collegian Columnist April 27, 2022
Despite its ups and downs, living on campus is an experience we all won’t soon forget
Forzar a futuros estudiantes a reportar su historial criminal es solo otra barrera para los grupos minoritarios

Forzar a futuros estudiantes a reportar su historial criminal es solo otra barrera para los grupos minoritarios

Cuando un futuro estudiante aplica a la Universidad de Massachusetts, le preguntan si alguna vez ha sido condenado por un delito menor o un delito grave. Para muchos estudiantes, el proceso de aplicación...

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Forzar a que estudiantes potenciales declararen su récord criminal es solo otra manera de construir barreras para grupos minoritarios

Cuando un estudiante solicita una plaza en la Universidad de Massachusetts Amherst, el formulario pregunta si el estudiante ha sido condenado por algún delito. Para muchos estudiantes, el proceso de solicitud...

Ketanji Brown Jackson delivers opening remarks at her confirmation hearing. From C-SPAN.

What Ketanji Brown-Jackson teaches us about equal representation

By Christmaelle Vernet, Collegian Contributor April 26, 2022

Earlier this month, American history was made. On April 7, Former Vice-Chair of the United States Sentencing Commission Ketanji Brown-Jackson was confirmed by a vote of 51-47 to the United States Supreme...

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