Daily Collegian archives (2020)

Artificial intelligence exacerbates racial inequities

By Juliette Perez, Collegian Columnist March 2, 2023
Opinion: Artificial intelligence must be regulated and reformed to ensure they do not disproportionately target already marginalized groups in our society, writes Juliette Perez.
Shannon Broderick / Daily Collegian (2015).

Brianna Ghey in the time of J.K. Rowling

By Zach Leach, Assistant Op/Ed Editor March 1, 2023
Opinion: “It is hard enough to be a transgender person without the constant hate and bigotry that is constantly spewed upon them, and it’s despicable that there are people who tirelessly work to make transgender people’s lives even worse.”
Nina Walat/ Daily Collegian (2021)

It’s time to find alternatives to Greek life

By Sophia Hutcheson, Collegian Correspondent February 27, 2023
Opinion: “If you want to discourage students from participating in Greek Life, you must give them options that are more appealing than fraternities” writes Sophia Hutcheson.
Nick Archambault/Daily Collegian (2022)

Our Voices: Remember Black women this Black History Month

By Christmaelle Vernet, Collegian Columnist February 23, 2023
We need to acknowledge the impacts that Black women have had on both Black history and women’s history, writes Christmaelle Vernet.
Joseph Carstairs/ Daily Collegian (2016)

The people you don’t meet in college

By Sophia Hutcheson, Collegian Correspondent February 23, 2023
To close the gap between America’s politicians and the citizens they serve, universities need to become more accessible, writes Sophia Hutcheson.
Susanne Nilsson/Flickr (2017)

The point of no return

By Abby Brooks, Collegian Correspondent February 22, 2023
Opinion: Saying yes doesn’t always mean yes in an unequal society.
Daily Collegian (2015)

Southwest needs an upgrade

By Katie Seda , Collegian Correspondent February 22, 2023
Opinion: What about the students who are already living here, who are invested in this school and want to be proud of it?
Gabrielle Phat / Daily Collegian.

Food waste is a big problem in the U.S., but it doesn’t have to be this way

By Antinoe Kotsopoulos, Collegian Correspondent February 21, 2023
34 million people face hunger in the United States, making the endemic wastefulness of American society increasingly harmful.
Gabrielle Phat / Daily Collegian.

Satire: What shenanigans were UMass animals up to during break?

By Julia Bragg, Collegian Correspondent February 21, 2023
When the students went home, the animals had free reign.
Daily Collegian archives (2010)

To make in-person work bearable, America must rethink commuting culture

By Liam Rue, Collegian Correspondent February 16, 2023
The woes of in-person work in America are not inevitable and requires fundamentally rethinking our culture of commuting, writes Liam Rue.
Hannah Cohen/Daily Collegian (2009)

The left needs to talk to young men

By Manas Pandit , Collegian Columnist February 15, 2023
Opinion: “If, at the low personal cost of simply not writing off an entire group as irredeemable, we can chip away at the alt-right’s influence and numbers, then I think that’s worth it,” writes Manas Pandit.
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