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The state vaccine timeline is unfair, and that’s okay

By Lily Robinson, Collegian Columnist March 24, 2021
Opinion: A vaccine timeline is here and so are intensified feelings of vaccine envy and guilt. Our response is important.
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Give yourself a pat on the back — 2020 is over

By Max Schwartz, Collegian Columnist March 23, 2021
Opinion: Take a moment to recognize how far we have all come.
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Stop arguing over Justice Breyer’s retirement

By Catherine Hurley, Collegian Columnist March 22, 2021
Opinion: Supreme Court justices shouldn’t retire due to political pressure, writes Catherine Hurley.
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Letter: UMass should adopt the Survivor’s Bill of Rights

By Letter Contributors March 19, 2021
If you believe survivors, vote YES on the Survivor’s Bill of Rights referendum.
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UMass needs to host more in-person events

By Josh Lewis, Collegian Contributor March 18, 2021
Opinion: “If there are no school-sponsored social events, students will gather anyways."
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State and local government can fill the gaps left by federal inaction

By Benjamin Schnurr, Collegian Columnist March 17, 2021

Even with the recent passage of President Biden’s relief package, gridlock still defines the top levels of government. Democrats were only able to pass the stimulus with the narrowest of majorities and...

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Stop ignoring anti-Asian hate crimes

By Srija Nagireddy , Collegian Columnist March 16, 2021
Opinion: The attacks on Americans of Asian descent never went away, they went ignored.
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Workers should go back to the office when they get vaccinated

By Greg Fournier, Collegian Columnist/Contributor March 15, 2021
Opinion: Managers should encourage employees to go back to the office when the pandemic is over, writes Greg Fournier.
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Letter: Chancellor Subbaswamy should acknowledge that his reopening plan was a failure

By Letter Contributor March 15, 2021
Letter: It’s time Chancellor Subbaswamy admits his Spring reopening plan was a failure.
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The COVID-19 vaccine must not result in further inequality

By Luke Halpern, Collegian Contributor March 12, 2021
Opinion: Vaccine passports and lack of distribution threatens to widen the wealth gap between the wealthy and poor at home and abroad.
COVID-19 took my sense of smell and it could take yours

COVID-19 took my sense of smell and it could take yours

By Derek Hunter, Collegian Contributor March 12, 2021
Opinion: Young people, don’t take COVID lightly. Non-lethal symptoms can seriously impact your life.
Blame neoliberalism for COVID-19

Blame neoliberalism for COVID-19

By Jeremy Brum, Collegian Columnist March 12, 2021
Opinion: If we have learned one thing in the past year, it’s that the neoliberal consensus must end.
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