Cade Belise/Daily Collegian (2014)

The importance of geography in American schools

By Nathan Legare, Collegian Correspondent April 25, 2023
Opinion: If Americans are kept in a bubble without knowledge of the outside world, how can we possibly create a more equal society?
Justin Surgent/ Daily Collegian (2014)

Anti-drag legislation is an attack on the LGBTQ+ community

By Juliette Perez, Collegian Columnist April 24, 2023
Opinion: We must advocate for LGBTQ+ persons and protest hate speech and misinformation amid attacks on the community.
Geoff King/Daily Collegian (2010)

Dormir sur la béquille : Où trouver les beaux.lles parti.e.s à UMass

By Anna Tomie, Ella LaClaire, and Constance Sourisse April 14, 2023
Si tu te sens seul.e à UMass et que tu veux rencontrer ton âme sœur, suis ces conseils et tu trouveras à coup sûr !
Graphic by Nick Archambault/ Daily Collegian.

Our Voices: The Autist Papers

By Liv Cushman, Collegian Correspondent April 13, 2023
“Diversity of thought, as abstract of a concept as that may be, is a beautiful one that helps us appreciate one another, and is worth spreading the word about,” writes Liv Cushman.
Daily Collegian archives (2020)

The Stonewall Center hosts author Angela Chen

By Mia Vittimberga, Collegian Staff April 13, 2023

On April 6, the University of Massachusetts hosted a lecture by Angela Chen, author of “Ace: What Asexuality Reveals About Desire, Society, and the Meaning of Sex.” The event was sponsored by the Stonewall...

Daily Collegian (2020)

Satire: UMass votes to drop the “e” in email

By Christmaelle Vernet, Collegian Columnist April 11, 2023
Satire: UMass returns to Revolutionary roots with letter writing
Juliette Sandleitner/ Daily Collegian (2015)

Satire: How to be an academic(ally honest) weapon

By Aka DeMic-Wepun April 11, 2023
Satire: “Academic dishonesty is very bad, and you should never ever do it.”
Mis películas favoritas dirigidas por mujeres

Mis películas favoritas dirigidas por mujeres

Por Ashviny Kaur, Staff Writer marzo 31, 2022 Me crié viendo películas.  Algunos de los recuerdos más afectuosos de mi niñez involucran a mi papá y a mí viendo películas de horror, de romance,...

Maria Uminski / Daily Collegian (2012).

To survive in the political game, the Democratic Party needs to get younger

By Alex Genovese, Collegian Staff April 6, 2023
Opinion: Young people can bring hope to an atmosphere dominated by fear and hate.
Jackson Cote/Daily Collegian (2017)

The world is falling apart. Why does no one care?

By Luke Halpern, Assistant Op/Ed Editor April 5, 2023
“We continue to be stumped by our own inability to adapt and take account of the bleak future ahead of us,” Luke Halpern writes.
Krzysztof Golik | Wikimedia Commons

En ce mois de l’histoire des femmes, soutenez Mère Nature

By Asha Baron, Natalie Koopman, and Constance Sourisse April 5, 2023
Mère Nature n'en fait qu'à sa tête selon toi ? Et si le problème n'était pas elle, mais bien toi ? Laisse-lui donc un peu de répit et ne lui dit jamais (JAMAIS) de se calmer.
Daily Collegian archives (2020)

It’s okay to be lonely in college

By Julia Bragg, Collegian Columnist April 4, 2023
Opinion: “When you’re alone, take the time to soak in solitude. Crack open a book, listen to music, and enjoy yourself as your own company.”
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