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Carta: El Precio del contrato ‘Pouring Rights’ de UMass con Coca-Cola

By E.J. Everett, Kristen Matul Toc, and samuel suárez murias November 5, 2022

Nina Walat/ Daily Collegian (2020) De EJ Everett, Corresponsal del Collegian 24 de Octubre 2022 Siendo estudiante de la universidad, escucho constantemente cosas sobre todas las opciones que tenemos...

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The growing prominence of Barstool conservatism

By Benjamin Schnurr, Collegian Columnist November 3, 2022
“While some Stoolies are clearly just antifeminists, most of them simply seem unable to separate the things that annoy them the most about politics from the issues that truly matter,” writes Benjamin Schnurr.
Daily Collegian (2013)

UMass needs better trans health care

By Antinoe Kotsopoulos, Collegian Correspondent November 2, 2022
Although UMass offers health care for transgender students, long delays and a lack of sufficient mental health resources are roadblocks.
Daily Collegian (2021)

Satire: Things you should do on the library’s quiet floors

By Elliot Hajjaj, Collegian Correspondent November 2, 2022
“When I heard the familiar cry of tin foil being ripped off a burrito on the second floor of the W.E.B. DuBois Library, I regained my faith in humanity.”
Nina Walat/ Daily Collegian (2020)

Lettre : Le prix du contrat de droit d’approvisionnement de UMass avec Coca-Cola

By EJ Everett, Iman Fenina, and Constance Sourisse November 2, 2022
Coca-Cola a le monopole des boissons sur le campus et cela pose des problèmes de santé, d'équité des commerce , mais également d'éthique.
McKenna Premus / Daily Collegian.

Finding independence while studying abroad

By Lucy Smallman, Collegian Correspondent November 1, 2022
Opinion: “To be unknown in another country you have yet to explore, to be young and curious and to be open to every new experience is a privilege many of us take for granted.”
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Sátira: Es hora que UMass se deshaga de algunos estudiantes

By Asha Baron, Kristen Matul Toc, and samuel suárez murias October 31, 2022

De Asha Baron, Asistente Op/Ed Editor Octubre 20, 2022 Nota del Editor: El siguiente artículo es satírico. Se hizo con fines cómicos. Todas las entrevistas e individuos son ficticios. Ya ha...

 James Jesson/Daily Collegian

Carro atropella a un estudiante de UMass en la calle Massachusetts Avenue este jueves

Cerca de las 10:08 de la noche el jueves 13 de octubre, una estudiante de la Universidad de Massachusetts fue atropellada por un automóvil en el cruce peatonal localizado entre Massachusetts Avenue y...

Taylor C. Snow/Daily Collegian (2014)

What we can learn from the Ime Udoka situation

By Shanti Furtado, Collegian Staff October 27, 2022
In consistently believing men over women, we aren’t just harming women; we are failing an entire population, writes Shanti Furtado.
Juliette Sandleitner/Daily Collegian (2014)

Harm reduction should be more widespread on campuses when combatting substance abuse

By Juliette Perez, Collegian Correspondent October 27, 2022
Substance abuse is inevitable, especially for college students; harm reduction will help solve the problem, writes Juliette Perez.
Justin Surgent/Daily Collegian (2011)

Don’t feel guilty about not being productive

By Nina Prenosil , Collegian Correspondent October 27, 2022
Productivity is essentially a scam, so here is how to get around the guilt of feeling unproductive, writes Nina Prenosil.
Daily Collegian

It’s time to change the way we interact with social media

By Richard Gill, Collegian Correspondent October 26, 2022
“Perhaps my generation is the product of social media, but social media should be the product of us,” writes Richard Gill.
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