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To the paper that made college worthwhile

By McKenna Premus, Managing Editor May 3, 2022

The girl who walked into the old Massachusetts Daily Collegian office nearly five years ago is a much different girl than the one who is leaving this May. I remember it as if it was just yesterday....

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Finding time to write was not a sacrifice, but a necessity

By Alanna Joachim, Collegian Columnist May 3, 2022
Alanna Joachim reflects on her time at the Collegian.
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The Collegian has given me the opportunity to advocate for myself and others who don’t have a voice

By Julia Oktay, Assistant Op/Ed Editor May 3, 2022
“The first time I spoke with a Massachusetts Daily Collegian correspondent, I was facing housing insecurity”
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A fond farewell to a friend

By Astghik Dion, Arts Editor May 3, 2022
“To speak to so many talented artists … has been a blessing unlike any other. It’s all I want to do, always.”
This stupid thing called graduation

This stupid thing called graduation

By Sara Abdelouahed, Assistant Podcast Producer May 3, 2022

As I write this column, I am sitting in the journalism hub, looking out over the campus pond. The sun is shining gently through the clouds, and I’m overcome with a sense of nostalgia for this campus. It...

Ana Pietrewicz / Daily Collegian

A few opinions for the road

By Emma Garber, Head Op/Ed Editor May 3, 2022

“What’s the opinion here?” It’s a question I’ve asked countless times over the past four years, first as a writer and later as an editor. My time at the Massachusetts Daily Collegian has been...

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A love letter to the paper that taught me who I am

By Sophia Gardner, Head News Editor May 3, 2022

I want to preface this column by saying that I am strictly a news writer. Over my four years at the Collegian, I have written for one section and one section only. I don’t know how to write about myself,...

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This story is always being updated

By Irina Costache, Assistant News Editor May 3, 2022
“My whole life, I’ve been scared of endings. The Collegian taught me that there is no such thing,” writes senior assistant news editor Irina Costache.
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Sayonara to the sunken seat

By Max Schwartz, Assistant Op/Ed Editor May 3, 2022
“So long and thanks for all the fish!”
As if we’d never say goodbye

As if we’d never say goodbye

By Ana Pietrewicz, Editor-in-Chief May 3, 2022

It’s September 21, 2021, today. Time is 11:13 a.m. I’m in a campaigns and elections class and just put out a call for student sources to email me. Students have been protesting outside Theta Chi for...

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Get out of your own way

By Maxwell Zeff, Head Podcast Editor May 3, 2022
“In a world where young men aren’t taught to be kind to themselves, young men often aren’t kind to the world.”
Ana Pietrewicz / Daily Collegian

The Daily Collegian brought me memories that will last a lifetime

By Frederick Hanna III, Assistant Sports Editor May 3, 2022

I entered the University of Massachusetts my freshman year with a major in economics and didn’t give a thought about writing for the student newspaper. I didn’t even know what the Collegian was before...

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