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What will you do, Chancellor Subbaswamy?

By Luke Halpern, Collegian Columnist October 3, 2021

This semester began in earnest: The University of Massachusetts community eagerly anticipated its return to the Pioneer Valley, where in-person classes and full residence halls awaited. In these aspects,...

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What the fall of Kabul reveals about America’s culture of anti-democracy

By Anay Contractor, Collegian Contributor October 3, 2021

The Taliban offensive on Kabul in August precipitated a series of drastic decisions and events that had varying consequences. The resulting fall of Kabul concluded a drawn-out and rather confusing conflict...

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Welcome to the Zoo

By Ronan Fitzgerald, Collegian Contributor September 29, 2021
Opinion: A look at the UMass unmasked and indifferent.
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The pen: your personal palimpsest tool

By Grace Lucey, Collegian Contributor September 29, 2021
Opinion: Big shot college students use pen.
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NFTs will not enhance art

By Benjamin Zhou, Collegian Contributor September 28, 2021
Opinion: NFTs will not enhance art.
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Preachers have no place on a college campus

By Sage Fusco, Collegian Contributor September 28, 2021
Opinion: The University should make an effort to discourage preachers’ presences on campus.
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Social media accounts like @fakepeopleofumass violate students’ privacy

By Catherine Hurley, Assistant Arts Editor September 27, 2021

On Sept. 8, Lily walked home from the campus pond where she just broke up with her high school boyfriend. They were planning to do long distance, but she got with a sophomore at Kappa Sigma. She knows...

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Online classes offer an inferior education, leave them in the past

By Garrett Jacobsmeier, Collegian Contributor September 27, 2021

In the spring of 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic silenced the campus of the University of Massachusetts. In only a few short days, students were forced to frantically make arrangements to go home and abandon...

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Letter: Rising textbook prices serve as a choke point for students’ success

By Christian Daley, Letter Contributor September 27, 2021
Rising textbook prices are a barrier to higher education, writes a Letter Contributor.
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UMass must take preventative action against sexual assault

By Manas Pandit, Collegian Contributor September 27, 2021

“We commit to identifying the support, outreach, and reporting tools that are most effective in meeting the needs of our community,” reads The University of Massachusetts’ second statement in response...

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The pandemic restrictions on bars need to go

By Julia Oktay, Assistant Op/Ed Editor September 23, 2021
Opinion: “Engaging with these social gatherings is a calculated risk for many students, and while staying at home may be beneficial to their physical health, it can be very detrimental to mental health,” writes Julia Oktay.
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On rape culture

By Emma Garber, Op/Ed Editor September 23, 2021
“Next August, a new freshmen class will arrive on campus. What culture will they meet upon their arrival?” asks Emma Garber.
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