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Why Halloween needs to be canceled

By Max Schwartz, Collegian Columnist October 28, 2020
“We must ask ourselves what’s more important: Halloween or human life?”
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Why the lawsuit against Google is the first step in regulating monopolies in technology

By Srija Nagireddy, Collegian Columnist October 27, 2020
Opinion: Antitrust legislation exists for a reason, it’s time Washington takes Big Tech to court.
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NARRATIVE: Now, more than ever, the performing arts need your support

By Emma Garber, Assistant Op/Ed Editor October 27, 2020
Opinion: Don’t forget about the challenges the performance arts industry face because of the pandemic.
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Alfano: UMass another victim of NCAA institutional problem

By Freeman Alfano, Collegian Correspondent October 26, 2020
Opinion: UMass has fallen victim to another unfair NCAA ruling.
Blue light glasses can help mitigate Zoom fatigue

Blue light glasses can help mitigate Zoom fatigue

By Alanna Joachim, Collegian Columnist October 22, 2020
Opinion: Blue light glasses are the best way to mitigate the unavoidable intake of blue light these days, writes Alanna Joachim.
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Partisan actors and political agendas are marring the 2020 Census

By Benjamin Schnurr, Collegian Columnist October 20, 2020
Opinion: President Trump is messing with the census for his own political gain, writes Ben Schnurr.
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Should we suspend students for breaking COVID-19 protocols?

By Joseph Ellis, Collegian Columnist October 15, 2020
Opinion: If students believe they will be risking suspension by partying, they might have parties anyway and just not get tested, writes Joseph Ellis.

Why you have to vote this November

By Srija Nagireddy, Collegian Columnist October 14, 2020
Opinion: Voting has never been more important.
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Wellbeing Wednesdays are out of touch

By Ana Pietrewicz, Assistant Op/Ed Editor October 13, 2020
Opinion: The revised Spring 2021 calendar offers no breaks. This will be detrimental to students’ wellbeing.
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Letter: UMass endangers its RAs, PMs and residents once more

By Letter Contributor October 13, 2020
Letter: RAs should not be made to house with high-risk populations.
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Why we all need to start stating our pronouns

By Max Schwartz, Collegian Columnist October 12, 2020
Opinion: People need to start stating their pronouns
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Special Issue: The Future of Higher Education

By Collegian Staff October 9, 2020
The Opinion Editorial section presents October's topic of the month: The future of higher education.
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