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The PVTA should not serve as an example to Boston of what free public transportation looks like

By Will Duffy, Collegian Contributor March 29, 2022

The Five Colleges allowing their students to use the Pioneer Valley Transit Association (PVTA) buses for free is something a lot of us take for granted. Not only does it save us time by giving us an alternative...

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UMass needs more pedestrian walkways on campus

By Luke Halpern, Collegian Columnist March 28, 2022
Opinion: On the heels of two collisions over the last month, UMass should aim to build more walkways on campus to improve pedestrian safety
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The Constriction of Restrictionism

By Dylan Partner, Collegian Columnist March 24, 2022

My roommate and I have learned a lot from each other because of our differences. We quite literally come from opposite sides of the world—he’s an international student from Myanmar, and I’m from...

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Unpacking social media’s unrealistic and harmful ‘productivity aesthetic’

By Kelly McMahan, Collegian Columnist March 23, 2022

With multiple YouTube tabs open on my laptop, I typed the buzzword sentences “aesthetic and productive morning routine,” and “that girl morning routine TikTok” into the search bars. Instantly,...

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We need to change the way we teach math

By Anay Contractor, Collegian Columnist March 23, 2022
Opinion: “The moment you teach something as inherent instead of capable of being acquired, you allow the seeds of inequality to flourish,” says Anay Contractor.
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Satire: Co-Star astrology app a direct cause of chaos and unrest in student body

By Kelly McMahan, Collegian Satire Columnist March 23, 2022
Satire: “How am I supposed to live my life if an algorithm doesn’t tell me how to feel about it first?”
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The UMass mask mandate should have been lifted differently

By Lily Fitzgerald, Collegian Columnist March 22, 2022

On March 8, students all around campus were shocked to receive an email from the campus public health directors detailing that the mask mandate would be lifted the following day at 7 a.m. The announcement...

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The Queer Experience: The art of coming out

By Zach Leach, Collegian Columnist March 22, 2022

A common trend with younger queer people is believing that they’re not really part of the community if they don't come out. In recent years, society has become more accepting of LGBTQ+ identities, leading...

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It’s time for the downfall of fashion micro-trends

By Amy Aguayo, Collegian Staff March 10, 2022

Social networking apps like TikTok, Instagram and Facebook have exploded to newfound heights. Social media has provided fame and high status to social media influencers. With this status has come endless...

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You don’t need a public take on everything

By Catherine Hurley, Assistant Arts Editor March 10, 2022

I spent a lot of time on social media in May and June 2020. I scrolled through thousands of posts that expressed outrage at the murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis police officers, shared information...

UMass Dining Commons debería ofrecer desayuno durante todo el día

By Zach Leach, Columnista del Collegian March 9, 2022
Los planes de comida residenciales de UMass son entre un 33 y un 155 por ciento más altos que el promedio nacional. UMass debe reducir el costo de la comida o darles a los estudiantes lo que quieren: desayuno durante todo el día. Por Zach Leach
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UMass doesn’t need to be this expensive

By Liam Rue, Collegian Contributor March 9, 2022
Opinion: “If one thing is for certain, it’s that there has to be a better way than crippling generations with decades of debt for a degree,” writes Liam Rue.
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