Massachusetts Daily Collegian

Capitalism lecture interrupted to present facts

By Mike Tudoreanu

December 8, 2011

There have been several articles in the Daily Collegian this week about the protesters from the Occupy UMass movement and the Labor Studies department who interrupted a lecture promoting global capitalism last Thursday. I believe the coverage ha...

Student creates New England Objectivist Society

By Katie Landeck

November 13, 2011

Every Thursday this semester at 7 p.m., a group of students led by political science major Nathan Fatal have been informally meeting at the Blue Wall to discuss culture, art, capitalism, politics and the ideas of philosophe...

Equality is in fact the enemy

By Harrison Searles

October 6, 2011

Visions of human equality have inspired and motivated activists, philosophers, politicians and artists throughout history. Before the last couple of centuries, the primary type of equality desired was equality before the law or...

Ayn Rand is an adolescent sociopath

By Eli Gottlieb

October 11, 2010

In recent times, American society has brought forth one of the most bizarre ideological aberrations that I’ve ever seen: the radical individualist. This person not only considers himself so special that he should have no obligations...