Massachusetts Daily Collegian

In defense of organized religion

By Mike Tudoreanu

March 6, 2013

With all the news surrounding the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI, religion and in particular the Catholic Church have been the subject of much debate. Benedict XVI was widely considered a conservative Pope (although he was to...

Church wants to hear students’ opinions

By Katie Landeck

September 27, 2012

Young adults are not going to church as frequently as they were 30 years ago. It’s a fact that Father Randolph Calvo, 52, of the Polish National Catholic Church has come to realize during his years in the ministry, but one that he still doesn’t quite understand. So he...

A Catholic PR campaign

By Nick Milano

April 7, 2010

Has anything ever been in direr need of a good public relations expert than the Roman Catholic Church? The days, weeks and months of bad press are just beginning to break my spirit. It has come to the point where I no longer even...