Massachusetts Daily Collegian

Lessons from the Chilean 9/11

By Mike Tudoreanu

September 19, 2013

Last week, the world remembered 9/11, a tragic day that marks the deaths of thousands of people who lost their lives in a reactionary attack against democracy. Here in the United States, our thoughts and prayers were with the victims of the attack in 2001, 12 years ago...

The misconception of democracy

By Rane McDonough

February 21, 2013

Most people living in the United States today would say that one of the greatest virtues of this country is that it is democratic. This seems to be one of the few things people from all over the political spectrum can agree upon. However...

Electoral Idol: Debating the electoral carnival

By Jan Dichter

October 16, 2012

With each reappearance, regardless of particulars, the temporality of the electoral spectacle cycle deposits another greasy layer onto the aura of gruesome despair that inevitably surrounds it. Each time, there arises a great ...

The demoralizing state of democracy

By Hannah Sparks

October 9, 2012

Growing up we are told that one of the greatest privileges of living in a democratic society is having the right to vote. Voting to Americans is a very big deal. But does our most sacred civic duty truly retain its inviolability when the state of politics is so corrupt? That our ...

A Movement within a movement: America’s role in the Arab Spring Revolutions

By Timothy Haggerty

April 23, 2012

The fledgling democracies of the Arab Spring movement fought through autocratic governments and violent oppression to gain freer political processes, yet they are still not free from meddling organizations, funded by Unit...

New political science class to tackle questions of democracy

By Brianna Corcoran

February 20, 2012

After Arab Spring swept through the Middle East and years of international debate on the merits of democracy, University of Massachusetts Political Science Professor Frederic Schaffer proposed a new class that asks a simple question: is democracy...

Let Democracy Work

By Gavin Beeker

November 27, 2011

Clint Eastwood’s latest movie “J. Edgar” had one very admirable quality to it – and no, I’m not referring to the gratuitous and creepy aging makeup applied to the main characters. Rather, I was fascinated by its focus...

Renewing the republic

By Gavin Beeker

November 9, 2011

The word “republic” comes from the Latin phrase “res publica”, meaning literally “the public thing,” but better translated as “the public affair” or interest. As a term to describe our government, it is so much...