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All dogs are good dogs

March 28, 2019

(Photo courtesy ofSteven Gillard)

Man’s best friend

November 6, 2014

UMass study sheds light on dogs and wolves

By George Felder

January 28, 2013

Recent findings by a University of Massachusetts biologist have significantly altered previous understanding of the developmental rifts between the closely related dog and wolf species. A study conducted by evolutionary biologist Kathryn Lord focused on what sets dogs and wolves apart gen...

To the dead dog suitcase inventor

By Zachary Fischer

January 23, 2011

To the person who invented the story about the dead dog in a suitcase on a New York City subway, I first would like to say “Congratulations” on crafting a piece so perfectly on the fence that it changes its listener’s ideas about what is possible ...

PCP: Look no further than man’s best friend

By Dave Coffey

October 7, 2010

Is there any creature nobler than man’s best friend?  Dogs have earned that nickname for literally thousands of years.  Many people do not realize that humans have been domesticating Canis lupus familiaris for over 100 centuries.  That is not a typo; dogs and huma...