Massachusetts Daily Collegian

‘Mad Men’ returns for its penultimate season

By Jenny Rae

April 8, 2013

During a painfully long nine-month hiatus, the buzz for “Mad Men’s” sixth and penultimate season had fans going crazy with speculation. Premiering in 2007 and spanning over five critically-acclaimed seasons, the show has become entrenched in contemporary Am...

Metropolis: 80 years old and still ahead of our time

By Austin Dale

September 21, 2010

courtesy Amherst Cinema Let’s talk about a film. The story is not terribly complicated. It concerns two races. A lunatic steals the resources of a group of people for power and financial gain and his civilization comes to live off th...

Lars Von Trier Fills Audiences With Disgust and Awe With “Antichrist”

By Mark Schiffer

November 17, 2009

What may be one of the more important pieces of information to know about “Antichrist” is that if you are going to the movies to watch John Cusack save the world and his family in slow motion, you probably have wandered into...