Massachusetts Daily Collegian

Front & Back: Episode VIII

By Herb Scribner

November 20, 2011

Times are a' changin' at the Daily Collegian, and Sports Editor Herb Scribner and News Editor William A. Perkins III discuss the changes and whats on the way for the newspaper. All you've got to do is click the link and you'll...

“Tha Carter IV” an instant classic

By Isaac Himmelman

September 19, 2011

Before the majority of Video Music Award acts were hip-hop stars and the President cited the Fugees as one of his favorite music groups, rap music was weird. In the early ’90s, while gaining popularity, rap music still sat...


By Lauren Vincent

April 25, 2011

I remember when it started: on a bus full of middle school girls, on a camp field trip to Canobie Lake Park. The song “Hot in Herre” by Nelly played two or three times on the radio on the trip there, and a chorus of preteen girls sang “I am gettin too hot, I wanna take my clothes off.” I was ...

The Warning

By Herb Scribner

February 14, 2011

Eminem was never cool. The first time I heard Eminem was when I was a very young lad and “My Name Is” first made the jump on the airwaves. I remember specifically arguing with my mother that he said “Slim Shady” and not “Zim Zany.” Either way, I remember watching the...

Remember when Eminem was cool?

By Isaac Himmelman

February 8, 2011

One week in March my sixth grade class took a field trip to the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium. Two important things happened on this trip. First, my classmate Eddy G. fell head-first into the stingray pond and thus head-first into the nebula of middle school social exile into which he would descend deep...

2010 marks major year for the music industry

By Kate MacDonald

December 9, 2010

For better or for worse, it cannot be denied that 2010 was a big year for music. While many may argue that most of the albums released were mediocre at best, the sheer number of major CDs released can’t be ignored. The Internet also saw a revolutionary year...

New releases need to pull it back

By Victoria Knobloch

November 18, 2010

This is a great month for new music. Rihanna’s new album “Loud” came out on Nov. 12, and on Monday, new albums from Kanye West, Nicki Minaj and Ke$ha will be officially released. Justin Beiber also has a new CD coming ...