Massachusetts Daily Collegian

The Italian Job

By Claire Anderson

September 18, 2012

Everyone is aware that Europe is in a financial sink hole. The rug was pulled out from under them by the American economy, playing the little evil child who leaves banana peels on the floor hoping someone will trip and fall on their face....

For students going abroad, safety first

By Charlie Curley

February 16, 2011

With students studying abroad this semester and countless others preparing for spring break trips, reviewing safety and travel information is essential to help ensure their trip is safe and enjoyable. “The best place for stud...

UWash study reveals heavier drinking patterns amongst students who study abroad

By Ashley Berger

November 4, 2010

Everyone knows that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but does the saying apply for every country in any given school’s study abroad listings? A recent study done by the University of Washington indicates that drink...

When in Rome (a girl should date) says new book

By Ashley Berger

November 4, 2010

24-year-old author and Vanderbilt graduate Katherine Chloe Cahoon wrote “The Single Girl’s Guide to Meeting European Men” as a tip book and guidelines for any girl going abroad with this dream, and she is currently worki...

Leave UMass, leave the country- better yet, study abroad.

By Hannah Grossman

September 14, 2010

If the thought of studying abroad has shot across your mind for a millionth of a second, do it! If you don’t and you suffer from fear of missing out, clinically known as FOMO, you will surely have to see a physician. Living...

Sometimes, Europe Sucks

By Nick O'Malley

April 26, 2010

It’s dirty, this study abroad thing. Not in an unhygienic way. Well, except for when you’re stuck somewhere without a shower. Then, yes, that’s actually dirty. It’s dirty in the way that it’s not clean. It’s...