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Hail and farewell

Hail and farewell

April 29, 2018

Experience Amherst before it’s too late

By Chris Shores

January 22, 2012

In December, my independent capstone project brought me to the door of Amherst’s Jones Library for the first time. I had gone there with hopes that the library – in particular its special collections section – would provide a good jumpstart to finding research subjects the coming se...

Senior to Senior Citizen

By Rachel Tumin

September 22, 2011

Being a senior in college comes with a lot of new territory.  I didn’t expect being mistaken for the crypt keeper would be a part of it. As I waited outside a freshmen dorm earlier this week, a most unexpected question came my way. “Do you need to be buz...

Looking ahead, moving forward

By Chelsea Whitton

April 6, 2011

It wasn’t until I was standing in a bustling club on Canal Street in Boston last weekend, with music I didn’t know blaring around me, and people dancing all around – that I realized that I’ve grown older. Speaking to seniors specifically here in Amherst, I hope somewhere along the line you’ve realized t...

Farewell J.D., We Hardly Knew Ye

By Charlie Felder

February 2, 2010

Until I was thirteen, I had a tendency to stutter when called upon in class. My mother claims that it had more to do with the fact that I had a minor obsession with old Jimmy Stewart films and less to do with a certain fear of...