Massachusetts Daily Collegian

Reconciling Feminism and the GOP

By Emily Merlino

September 10, 2012

If one were to look at pure statistics, the media's passionate assertion that the Republican Party is less-than-friendly to modern American women is unmistaken. Almost all tangible evidence points to an apparently irrefutable...

Ease PMS symptoms, shame with quick remedies

By Kate Evans

April 26, 2012

Whether you’re a guy and the acronym terrifies you or you’re a girl suffering from it, seldom is the term “PMS” socially acceptable. PMS stands for premenstrual syndrome, and it’s really not as scary as it sounds. It occurs prior to and sometimes during menstr...

UMass start-up website bought by Huffington Post

By Steffi Porter

October 12, 2011

Localocracy, an online company launched by three former University of Massachusetts students that enables its users to become more involved with local issues, was acquired last week by the Huffington Post Media Group (HPMG), an...