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The fight against religious extremism

By Eamon McCarthy Earls

February 7, 2013

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January’s news and much of the news of the past six months has been dominated by the ongoing fight against terrorism. September and October were clouded with news of violent protests against clips from the film “Innocence of Muslims,” a low bud...

Eid Al-Adha: Feast of the Sacrifice

By Suzanne Hishmeh

November 1, 2012

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This past Saturday, on Oct. 26, the 10th day on the Dhul-Hijjah month of the lunar calendar, Muslims across the globe celebrated Eid al-Adha, one of the two annual holidays on the Islamic calendar. On this day, a call to pr...

Pardon in Pakistan for religious tolerance

By Chelsea Whitton

December 1, 2010

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Other than military, terrorism and political issues from Pakistan in the news, one very untraditional story has found its way to the media by a woman fighting for her life and family’s protection. It is a story of family, defiance...