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Cutting Trevor Noah some slack: forgiveness in the age of Twitter

By Johnny McCabe

April 8, 2015

Over the past few weeks, much has been made of the soon-to-be Daily Show host Trevor Noah's Twitter timeline. The young South African comedian attracted initial mainstream attention last Monday, after Comedy Central revealed that he had been tapped to replace Jon Stewart, whose 16-year run on the show will end later this year. The init...

Smartphone surge following historic net neutrality decision shows relationship between technology and consumers

By Johnny McCabe

March 4, 2015

To say that the past week was a momentous one in technology would be a catastrophic understatement. In the immediate wake of Lenovo's disastrous Superfish security leak, which put millions of American consumers at risk of malicious activity, the Federal Communications Commission took a...

Recent accidents in commercial spaceflight should not deter further efforts

By Johnny McCabe

November 6, 2014

Last week was not a good omen for the future of human aerospace. After two high-profile costly disasters, one of which claimed a human life, the global media has been abuzz with skepticism and criticism over the responsibility...