Massachusetts Daily Collegian

“Don Jon” is an energetically refreshing take on romantic comedy

By Jeremy Paskoff

October 8, 2013

It is rare these days to see a film that truly stands out from the crowd. We almost never see a movie that takes a genre and approaches it with a never-before-seen twist, shattering the conventions of the classical Hollywood narrative. “Don Jon” does all of these ...

Sundance Film Festival showcases upcoming must see films

By Jenny Rae

February 12, 2013

Utah is a state commonly known as the home of Mormonism and for its national parks. Yet every January, as soon as spring settles into the canyons, flocks of tourists and avid film-goers descend to witness what’s new in the independent...

“Looper” presents a fresh take on time travel

By Jonathan Smith

October 5, 2012

“Looper” is not your average science fiction film. Yes, it may contain all of the classic hallmarks of the genre – such as time travel, telekinetic powers and new gadgets – but it manages to rise above its genre trappings...

Cancer and comedy come together in ‘50/50’

By Allison Ludtke

October 3, 2011

Cancer, which affects one in three people in their lifetime, is certainly a talking point of our generation and often, a somber one. It is the elephant in the room: people often think about the ever-present issues facing ...