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Changing junk food policies may slow obesity epidemic

By Samara Abramson

February 22, 2013

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Picture this: 11 of the most powerful CEOs of America’s largest food companies, including Nestlé, Kraft, General Mills and Mars, sitting in the auditorium of Pillsbury’s headquarters discussing the prevalence of obesity in the United States and...

Frozen Yogurt Fan Club

By Victoria Knobloch

September 15, 2011

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I have never been a fan of the healthy option. My whole life has been a struggle to find a diet that didn’t consist of candy and onion rings as primary food groups. Through the years I’ve found ways to trick myself into t...

Did you bring the chips?

By Ian Winship

October 25, 2010

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Halloween weekend is coming up. This is one of the weekends that arguably has the biggest, wildest parties of the year. Whether it is a small get together, or a huge kegger, there is one thing that is the most essential part to...