Massachusetts Daily Collegian

Are you not entertained?

By Tom Lynch

December 12, 2012

This could be old news, but I just found out that the brainchild of “Gangnam Style,” Park Jae-sang (who goes by the stage name of PSY), rapped out some lyrics about killing American soldiers and their families slowly, painfully,...

UMass researchers working to develop protective ‘second skin’ for military uniforms

By Chelsie Field

November 28, 2012

Research teams at the University of Massachusetts, along with several other organizations, have received a five-year $1.8 million grant to develop a new layer of protection in the fabric of future military uniforms, according...

UMass recognized as a top ‘military friendly’ university

By Dan Rodriguez

September 26, 2012

According to national military publication G.I. Jobs Magazine, the University of Massachusetts was ranked in the top 15 percent for the third year in a row as one of the nation's most "military friendly" universities. Acco...

Rock’em Sock’em Army

By Matthew Lowe

April 16, 2012

With advancements in computer technology, the world has seen dramatic shifts in global dynamics in a very small amount of time. In our generation alone, we’ve gone from waiting 10 minutes or so for AOL’s dial up connecting...

Veterans Writers Project asks veterans to write about experiences

By Alyssa Creamer

April 21, 2011

A soldier stumbles down a dusty cracked dirt road. His vision is blurred, and his anxiety is mounting, suspended in a bizarre silence. A sigh of relief hinges on the tip of his airways. Then suddenly, a sharp noise strikes through...

Time to end American empire, lower defense spending

By Harrison Searles

April 14, 2011

As debate over domestic policy in the United States focuses on austerity and reducing the federal deficit, there have been two 1,000-pound gorillas in the room. One of which is so-called mandatory entitlement spending and the unsustainable commitment that the federal government has given...

Letters to the editor: 3-10-11

By Staff

March 10, 2011

Dear Editor, The drumbeats and media propaganda machine are in full swing in attempting to push the United Sates into some sort of active military role in Libya. It would be the dumbest thing we could possibly do. In World...

Serving alongside cupid

By Caitlin Coughlan

February 14, 2011

Valentine’s Day is an explosion of red hearts, cupids and sugar. Cards and chocolates are swapped, flowers presented, and dining out is recommended. This physical representation of one’s love for another is what really makes...