Massachusetts Daily Collegian

Workshops provide off-campus housing info

By Taylor C. Snow

March 15, 2012

University of Massachusetts Off Campus Housing and UMass Student Legal Services have offered multiple workshops over the past three weeks with an aim at preparing students who are interested in living off campus next year. ...

Living on or off campus, the economic dilemma for college students

By Brittney Figueira

March 6, 2012

Rather than walking back to the dorms at the University of Massachusetts, many upperclassmen crowd the 8 p.m. bus stop to return to their off-campus homes, with the assumption they are saving thousands of dollars on the cost...

Off Campus Housing Fair to take place today in Cape Cod Lounge

By Chris Shores

March 23, 2011

View Amherst Off Campus Housing in a larger map Students still weighing their housing options for next year can find more information at today’s Off Campus Housing Fair, held from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the Cape Cod Lounge. Thea Costine, manager of off campus housing referrals, said th...

Google Maps: Off campus housing options

By Staff

March 23, 2011

View Amherst Off Campus Housing in a larger map Here's a quick roundup of all the housing options available in the Amherst area. From The Boulders to The Townehouses, they're all here....

Housing hunting for dummies

By Kimberly Wilson

March 20, 2011

Excited about getting off campus and finally living in your own apartment or house next year? Make sure you’re aware of your rights and what to look for before you sign that lease. Looking for apartments or rental houses...